January 23, 2022

Top Growing Jobs in the Next 10 Years – Number 8 will rocket

As the economy develops and innovation builds up, the career scene moves accordingly. Do you know the Top Growing Jobs in the Next 10 Years?

As indicated by the U.S. Division of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), certain occupations are required to develop in the coming years. The fields with foreseen development incorporate home health care, energy, training, science, and that is just the beginning. 

A study from CareerBuilder reports that high-wage (5.71%) and low-wage (5.69%) occupations will have the most job growth somewhere from 2018 to 2023. Middle-wage job is required to develop at a much lower rate – 3.83%. The study characterized low-wage occupations as those that pay $14.17 or less every hour. Meanwhile, those of middle-wage employments are $14.18-$23.59 every hour and high-wage employments are $23.60 or more every hour. 


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10 of the Top Growing Jobs in the Next 10 Years

1. Solar Photovoltaic Installer

Solar Photovoltaic Installer: Solar photovoltaic (PV) installers collect, introduce, and keep up a wide range of solar panel systems. A significant number of these systems are on housetops or different structures. As solar energy turns out to be increasingly normal, there will be increasingly more PV installer employments. 

PV installers need to comprehend complex electrical and mechanical equipment. They additionally should be happy with being on their feet – and outside – the majority of the day. 

To turn into a PV installer, you ordinarily need at least a high school diploma. Numerous junior colleges and trade schools have training courses on PV plan and establishment. PV installers additionally get preparing at work. 

If you are keen on solar energy and have mechanical aptitudes, this could be the job for you. 

Percent Growth (this is the normal percent change in work from 2016-2026, as per the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook): 105% 

Median Pay: $42,680 

2. Wind Turbine Service Technician

Wind Turbine Service Technician: Like PV installer employments, wind turbine technician occupations will likewise increment as individuals go to substitute sources of energy – for this situation, wind. Otherwise called wind techs, wind turbine service technicians gather, introduce, keep up, and fix wind turbines. 

Wind turbine specialists must be happy with working in limited spaces (wind turbines) and at tall statures. They, for the most part, become familiar with their exchange through junior college courses or trade schools. A significant number of which have declarations and partner degree in wind energy technology.

Percent Growth: 96% 

Median Pay: $54,370 

3. Home Health and Personal Care Aide

Home Health and Personal Care Aide: Home health and personal care aides give help to old grown-ups or incapacitated or sick individuals who require help in their everyday lives. Aides help with eating, washing, and dressing. And may likewise be in charge of offering drug or checking vital signs. 

Home health and personal care aides for the most part work in a customer’s home. But they are some of the time utilized in group homes or helped living offices. 

A significant number of home health and personal care aides must pass an assessment or get accreditation to work, contingent upon the state they live in. A few states require progressively formal training, as classes at professional schools, junior colleges, or other comparable programs. 

Percent Growth: Home Health Aide – 47%, Personal Care Aide – 39% 

Median Pay: Home Health Aide – $24,200, Personal Care Aide – $24,020 

4. Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant: A physician assistant (PA) conducts physical tests at, diagnoses, and treats sicknesses. He/she plays out various different obligations under the supervision of a doctor. 

A PA does not need to go to medical school or complete a residency (like most specialists). However, he/she has to finish a master’s program, which regularly keeps going two years. He/she must be ensured before practicing. 

Percent Growth: 37% 

Median Pay: $108,610 

5. Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner: a nurse practitioner (NP) cares for patients, though his or her obligations shift state to state. By and large, an NP examines, diagnoses, and treats the sick. Nurse practitioners must gain a master’s degree. They regularly should have a registered nursing license, contingent upon the state where they work. 

There are different sorts of nursing employments that require a graduate degree. The jobs include nurse anesthetists and nurse midwives. 

These occupations are developing quickly in part due to the requirement for medicinal services administrations for the aging population. 

Percent Growth: 36% 

Median Pay: $107,030 

6. Statistician and Mathematician

Statistician and Mathematician: Statistician and mathematician analyze data and perform different numerical capacities to address genuine word issues. For instance, they may design surveys or sentiment surveys to gather data, or analyze data from a survey to enable an organization to improve its business. Numerous mathematicians and analysts work for the legislature, while others work in research establishments. 

Most, but not all, have at any rate a master’s degree in science or measurements. A few, however (particularly statisticians), have just a bachelor’s degree, particularly for entry-level occupations. 

Percent Growth: Statistician – 34%, Mathematician – 30% 

Median Pay: Statistician – $87,780, Mathematician – $101,900 

7. Physical Therapist Assistant and Aide

Physical Therapist Assistant and Aide: Physical therapist assistants (PTAs) and associates work with physical specialists. Aides observe patients, help patients perform exercises, and may even help treat patients. For instance, they may knead a patient or help the patient stretch. 

Aides do marginally various tasks. They may set up the gear and give physical help to patients who battle to walk. They additionally regularly help tidy up or arrange the exercise based recuperation room. Aides ordinarily get less cash-flow than assistants. 

Most physical therapist assistants have a 2-year associate degree from an active recuperation program. And many get proceeded hands-on training also. Physical therapist aides, for the most part, need just a high school diploma and on-the-job training. 

Percent Growth: Physical Therapist Assistants – 31%, Physical Therapy Aides – 29% 

Median Pay: Physical Therapist Assistants – $58,040, Physical Therapy Aides – $26,240 

8. Software Developer, Applications

Software Developer, Applications: In the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era, software developers are among the Top Growing Jobs in the Next 10 Years. They are the imaginative personalities behind computer programs. Some build up the applications that enable individuals to do explicit assignments on a computer or another gadget. Others develop the fundamental systems that run the gadgets or those control systems. 

Percent Growth: 31% 

Median Pay: $103,620 

9. Bicycle Repairer

Bike Repairer: More and more workers are going by bike. Individuals in this way need more bike repairers than ever. A bicycle repairer ordinarily works in a bicycle shop, fixing and looking after bicycles, and regularly selling related bike gear to clients. 

A bicycle repairer, for the most part, needs a high school diploma or proportionate. And they must be alright with mechanical work. Bicycle repairers normally get on-the-job training. 

Percent Growth: 29% 

Median Pay: $28,960 

10. Medical Assistant

Medicinal Assistant: Medical assistants play out an assortment of regulatory and clinical obligations. They may perform clinical assignments, for example, recording patient history, estimating vital signs, and helping doctors with patient tests. Medical assistants may likewise perform regulatory work like booking arrangements and entering patient information into an electronic database. 

They ordinarily work in doctors’ workplaces. However, they additionally may work in medical clinics and outpatient care centers. 

Some medicinal colleagues have just a high school diploma and after that finish on-the-job training. Others take certificate programs in medicinal assisting at professional schools and junior colleges. 

Percent Growth: 29% 

Median Pay: $33,610 


Other Fast-Growing Jobs

There are numerous different occupations in innovation, human services, and energy that are on the ascent. The following is a list of a portion of these other quickly developing employments. Alongside each job title is the normal percent change in work from 2016-2026. 

Information Security Analyst: 28% growth

Genetic Counselor: 29% growth

Operations Research Analyst: 27% growth

Forest Fire Inspectors and Prevention Specialist: 27% growth

Physical Therapist: 28% growth

Massage Therapist: 26% growth 

The Bottom Line

A few occupations are expected to grow significantly in the next few years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates development in-home health care, energy, education, arithmetic. And that is just the beginning. 

High-wage and low-wage jobs will grow the most: Middle-wage work is relied upon to develop at a much lower rate.

Few out of every odd fast-growing job requires years of education. High-school graduates can prepare for employments in green energy, healthcare, and other fields.

Thank you for reading till the end of the article “Top Growing Jobs in the Next 10 Years.”

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