October 13, 2021

12 Freelance websites in Singapore – Freelances Singapore

Are you running around to find the best freelance websites in Singapore which you can fit in?

You have already known job portals like Gumtree or JobStreet or JobsDB or JobsCentral, or even Indeed which groups every job career information from a diversity of job portals into one spot.

So I will not go into those.

Rather, I needed to share impart to you 8 freelance websites in Singapore.

(What’s more, explicitly the freelance jobs in Singapore, and not remote employment for abroad customers.)

A part of these sites are progressively settled and provide cater explicitly to consultants searching for employment. While another part a portion of these sites are exceptional, with fewer choices of freelance jobs accessible.

However, whichever website(s) you arrive on, dig sufficiently hard and you ought to have the capacity to uncover a few diamonds of an occupation.

12 freelance websites in Singapore

You may have officially known about Freelancer. In any case, it is not a standout amongst the most settled and globally prominent occupation entries for consultants to no end.

Here is a recap of how it functions: specialists offer openly for occupations posted by customers. Employments do not really go to the last bidder. Different variables are likewise significant, for example, your capabilities and to what extent you will have to take care of business.

Rivalry can be savage, so consultants can separate themselves by finishing expertise confirmations called “Exams” to inspire customers – and ideally, catch the job.

Access the website to see just the employments situated in Singapore, make sure to set the Location of the presents on “Singapore”.

CultJobs’ FAQs segment makes its job post prerequisites extremely clear. It just acknowledges:

– “creative jobs that are based in Singapore”

– “jobs that fall on the business side of a creative field”

If a potential job post does not meet CultJobs’ prerequisites, the job post is rejected.

Along these lines in case you are a consultant in a non-creative field, you most likely need to proceed onward. In any case, if you are a freelance creative, you may get yourself bookmarking this job entry and returning to it oftentimes.

MyCareersFuture is an occupation gateway kept running by the Singapore government to enable Singaporeans to find jobs. It was once called Jobs Bank.

In contrast to other occupation entries, MyCareersFuture enables you to express the skills that you have. It will at that point show how important your abilities are to the activity posts’ expertise necessities. Along these lines, you can show signs of improvement thought of how great a fit you are for each job posted.

Coincidentally: some job posts on MyCareersFuture are set apart as “Government support available.” Before you get excessively energized, I do not think such help (at present, just the Career Support Program is accessible) applies to freelance jobs. In any case, the government may include support for consultants later on. You never know.

ZomWork’s name is… exciting intriguing. I am almost certain “zom” means “zombies.” In such a case that you are searching for a contact email address for the site, it’s “humans@[at]zomwork.com.”

On the off chance that you were pondering, the site is not zombie-themed. In any case, ZomWork does gather payment from customers in advance and holds the cash bonded until the project (or certain achievements of it) has been finished.

Realizing that customers from ZomWork cannot go MIA without paying you should enable you to rest simpler during the evening. Score one for the zombies!

FreelanceZone is more selective as far as who can see its job posts, as some job posts are only for members.

Be that as it may, no stresses, on the grounds that enlisting for an account is free. What’s more, you have set one up, you gain admittance to a clever dashboard where you can advantageously review the employment you have spared and those you have officially connected for. Perfect!

There are two different ways of putting your resume up on FreelanceZone:

– Transfer a resume that you have effectively arranged

– Manufacture another one by filling in the Education, Work Experience and Skills areas of your FreelanceZone profile

Do not hesitate to pick whichever technique you favor.

While start-up Glints is all the more outstanding for helping individuals score internships, did you realize you can likewise get freelance jobs on it?

Basically type “independent” in the look bar and with respect to the Job Type, select “Project-Based. “At that point, expel all other pursuit channels (for example Internship, Full-Time, Part-Time) as vital before hitting Enter.

As of writing, a large portion of the freelance jobs available on Glints is for creative work.

I have put these two work entries together on the grounds that they both spotlight on job posts from start-ups. 

Despite the fact that Start-Up Jobs Asia’s user interface is not the most outwardly engaging as of composing (@freelance UI designers: write in and offer to upgrade the site for them? 😉), it contains work posts from new businesses from a more extensive scope of enterprises.

Although Start Up Jobs Asia’s user interface isn’t the most visually appealing as of writing (@freelance UI designers: write in and offer to redesign the site for them?), it contains job posts from start-ups from a wider range of industries.

Website: http://sg.startupjobs.asia/sg/ (this is their Singapore-explicit occupation entry)

Then again, in case you are hoping to get freelance jobs from start-ups in explicitly the tech business, you should likewise look at Tech In Asia.

Incidentally, do not get the possibility that you can just secure tech positions on Tech In Asia. The tech new companies on Tech In Asia are likewise hoping to hire marketers, designers, sales experts, etc. Utilize the helpful inquiry channels gave to limit your search.

Website: https://www.techinasia.com/jobs

4 below websites are not the freelance websites in Singapore but global which means there are all over the world recruiters in there. However, we think that you may probably find it helpful. 

9. Upwork

Quite a long time ago, there existed two driving stages for finding freelance jobs: oDesk and Elance. In the end, their two kingdoms joined to make one vast quiet commercial center for individuals to get freelance jobs from customers everywhere throughout the world. Enter: Upwork. Accordingly, this freelance job site is tremendous. They have more than 12 million specialists and five million customers posting upwards of three million freelance jobs every year. Pretty much every consultant can discover their specialty here, yet be careful: Upwork takes a 20% cut until you develop a normal association with a customer. It is very apprenticed agreeable, but be set up to take lower-valued freelance jobs through destinations like Upwork, then you would from the more cautiously curated commercial centers that emphasis on a particular specialty.

10. 99 Designs

This site is set up in somewhat of an unexpected arrangement in comparison to ordinary freelance sites, yet it works in the design context. Customers distribute a challenge, and designers present their work as their application. The customer picks the structure they like best, and the designers get paid. I am certain you have seen the drawback – in the event that you do not win, you do not get paid. In any case, it tends to be an amazing method to develop your portfolio toward the start, and on the off chance that you will be doing work, at any rate, it very well may be an extraordinary asset.

11. Freelance Writing

This source of writing jobs is incredible for specialists everywhere, from spic and span to exceptionally experienced. It is easy to channel for the sort of job you need and the experience you have, and it is absolutely free.

12. Journalism Jobs

In the event that you have Dan Rather dreams, do not give them a chance to kick the bucket! Look at this specific type of job board that clergymen journalism jobs from around the web – alongside other commonplace composition and altering gigs tossed in.

Besides those Freelance websites in Singapore, there is a bonus tip.

Bonus tip: Facebook groups can be a gold mine

Numerous potential hirers are currently bypassing job portals completely. Rather, they put their promotions up legitimately on Facebook bunches implied for individuals in their industry.

Finding such Facebook groups (on the off chance that you are not now in some of them) is simple. At the inquiry bar at the highest point of your Facebook screen, type the name of your industry or your job title. Include the watchword “Singapore” to find the Singapore groups.

When you have discovered a few groups you are keen on, click the Join button to become a member. You may need to address a couple of inquiries set by the administrators to demonstrate that you are a genuine individual from the business before they will give you access.

In the wake of joining the group, you ought to likewise subscribe to get notifications of new posts so you know at whatever point somebody is hoping to contract.

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13. FreelancerCareers

This is another website that offers great job creation for freelancers in Singapore. Employment requirements are an academic background – you should have a Bachelor, MA or Doctoral degree to start working for the clients. This specification comes with its advantages: you will get to work on projects related to your education, knowledge, and abilities.


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