November 29, 2022
Best Online Resume Websites for Job Seekers

31 Best Online Resume Websites for Job Seekers

Building an individual site is not difficult. However, creating your own site – the prime bit of land that you will present to the entire internet? That can be a touch of scaring. So do you know which is the best online resume website? 

With regards to spreading your site out, designing the correct color scheme, picking flawless portfolio pieces, and creating duplicate that will give your pages character. It is easy to stall out. 

All things considered, an ideal way out of that is to get some mega motivation from individuals who have done it before you. To kick you off, we have gotten together a portion of our preferred personal websites out there. From straightforward ones that anybody could reproduce to genuinely great ones that we can just appreciate in amazement, look at them – at that point get ideas for how to make your site stunningly better. 


31 best online resume websites for creating an attractive resume

These sites get the job done in a manner that is delightful and successful. But it is absolutely achievable, even for those of us without design chops. 

1. Krista Gray 

Gray’s homepage gives all of you the essential information you have to think about her and her work in a perfect, simple to-peruse way. Furthermore, her “services” section clarifies precisely what she is searching for, making it simple for individuals to see how they can function with her. 

1. Ximena Vengoechea 

Why We Love It: The basic, clean plan of this site makes the shades of Vengoechea’s’ representations, and client structure screen captures truly pop. This helps her work sparkle significantly more. 

2. Rachael G. King 

Why We Love It: King utilizes her basic site to recount to a convincing tale about herself. And after that give a reasonable suggestion to take action for individuals to contact her to cooperate. In addition, her social profiles stand apart noisy and glad, which is basic since she is a social media professional. 

3. Devon Stank 

Why We Love It: There is no doubt about what this person does. However, besides the basic, clear welcome screen, Stank does an excellent job of coordinating information about his skills and capacities with simply enough character to stick out. 

4. Kristi Hines 

Why We Love It: Hines has figured out how to make the instances of her writing work visual with the assistance of publication logos. Also, her testimonials page is best in class. 

5. Red Russak 

Why We Love It: While this site does not offer a ton regarding information, it gives you only enough to know what his identity is, in addition to a visual you will always remember. What’s more, with abundant approaches to connect with him or find out additional, Russak truly does not need to bother with much else. 

6. Benjamin W. Felix 

Why We Love It: Being in the finance industry, Felix does not have a ton he can show off on his site. That is the reason it is ideal that his blog – highlighting routinely refreshed idea leadership in the field – is upfront. 

7. Sarah Adler 

Why We Love It: Adler puts her most recent endeavor, Spoon University, upfront. But she does not give her past work in publishing become mixed up in the shuffle. In addition, all the splendid colors truly make this site amusing to take a gander at as a best online resume website. 

8. Sarah Chang 

Why We Love It: This moderate site works superbly of making everything Chang has done unfathomably edible. When you can impart all the basic information in less than a minute, you realize you are accomplishing something right! 

9. Ian Enders 

Why We Love It: This fundamental one-pager demonstrates only enough of Enders’ work to arouse your advantage. And it displays only enough of his character to make you roar with laughter. 

10. Callie Schweitzer 

Why We Love It: This webpage works admirably enumerating the majority of Schweitzer’s achievements and uniting every one of the spots you can see her highlighted over the web. 

11. Ximena N. Beltran Quan Kiu 

Why We Love It: Kiu makes a fabulous job of making her content-overwhelming writing samples visual and engaging. Besides, the reduced-down segments on her “about me” page make it simple to become acquainted with her. 

A Step Above 

These sites take things to the following level. They either have stunning illustrations, particularly smart duplicate, or delightful, simple to-peruse designs. 

12. Anthony Wiktor 

Why We Love It: Essentially a best online resume website, this webpage does a particularly great job of consolidating illustrations and pictures in a very tasteful manner. We particularly like the “why me” segment that condenses Wiktor’s most prominent characteristics. 

13. Nate Cover 

Why We Love It: This site is somehow both basic yet outwardly striking and will make you say “wow” when you arrive on it. Cover does a particularly great job of separating his portfolio into his various aptitudes and truly featuring his best work. 

14. Nathaniel Koloc 

Why We Love It: This wipe-cut site spreads out Koloc’s work and foundation in a basic, simple- to-pursue way. And it is interminably all the more captivating with enormous logos and connections to examples. 

15. Lauren Nicole Smith 

Why We Love It: This beautiful site has steady branding and design completely, much obliged, to a limited extent, to the way that Smith structured and coded it herself to swagger her abilities. It is particularly nice that it does not overpower the reader with information. But it gives you only enough to know who Smith is. 

16. Pascal van Gemert 

Why We Love It: This “interactive resume” utilizes shading squares to separate the one-page site and make it simpler to skim. And the pictures intensely up the fervor factor. It is an ideal hybrid between a conventional resume and an online site. 

17. Hope Reagan 

Why We Love It: This portfolio-substantial site makes it too simple to peruse through various instances of Reagan’s work, absent much site configuration to occupy from her delightful creations. 

18. Jim Ramsdem 

Why We Love It: Ramsdem works admirably of basically abridging himself over the crease, with his realistic photo/logo and basic slogan. Also, his about page does the ideal occupation of giving the tl;dr form of his life and professional preferences. 

19. Hannah Silverton 

Why We Love It: The symbolism and logo on this site are somewhat unforgettable. And Silverton lines it up with extraordinary instances of what she can offer, testimonials from past bosses, and a delightful arrangement of work. 

20. Sandy Kreis 

Why We Love It: This fun, infographic-style site is an extraordinary case of how the experiences of somebody in a non-imaginative field can be changed into a drawing-in, visual site. 

21. Allison Stadd 

Why We Love It: Stadd’s copy is superbly amusing to peruse and gives you an ideal feeling of her voice and character. This is extraordinary since she is selling herself as an author. Besides, the photography she involved the large image banners on each page includes the ideal character. 

22. Joshua McCartney 

Why We Love It: The point of arrival of this site will make you chuckle at McCartney’s character. But the remainder of the site will genuinely dazzle you with his work examples and basic summaries of tasks he has finished. 

23. Stephanie Pal 

Why We Love It: This single-page site works superbly of weaving a connecting with the story about Pal’s love of food while joining noteworthy work samples and descriptions of her experience. This is also a best online resume website. 

24. Ellen Skye Riley 

Why We Love It: Riley’s grinning face and striking logo make you quickly think, “she’d be great to work with.” And afterward, her simple-to-read and wonderful work samples wrap everything up. 

Really Effing Cool 

Alright, these sites are a little optimistic; without coding or design foundation (or enlisting somebody with those abilities). You probably will not have the option to reproduce them for yourself. In any case, that does not mean you cannot get motivation from them – or simply peruse in awe. 

25. Adam Hartwig 

Why We Love It: The interactive illustrations and brilliant colors on this site make the entire thing. Dare we say, sort of fun. It makes you want to discover the entire site just to perceive what different amazements are coming up. 

26. Andrew McCarthy 

Why We Love It: Pro tip: Go to this site and look down truly quick. Without a doubt, you will miss the majority of the information about McCarthy. But you will see some extremely amazing animation. And after that likely need to look back up and read about the person who made it. This is really a best online resume website. 

27. Fifty Coffees 

Why We Love It: This webpage looks unassuming and does not even look like a personal website. However, it is a great example of how great blog content can be a successful method to carry individuals to you and have them get familiar with what you do. 

28. Robby Leonardi 

Why We Love It: We have previously discussed Leonardi’s noteworthy interactive resume. From this, you get the chance to go through his resume like a video game character. Yet, we needed to incorporate him on this list as a best online resume website since his energized portfolio is similarly as vital and great. 

29. Albino Tonnina 

Why We Love It: This site keeps you truly connected through Tonnina’s story and experiences because of simple scrolling and delightful enlivened designs. 

30. Martin Ringlein 

Why We Love It: It is the UI of this site that is memorable. You utilize your bolt keys to look through Ringlein’s different experiences and find out pretty much about them. Also, he discusses his pet puggle on the main page. 

31. Allen Tan 

Why We Love It: This site appears to be unfathomably basic. But it turns out to be increasingly complex and impressive as you look over and click on the various words that depict Tan. We particularly love the “here’s what I believe” area on his profile page for seeing increasingly about how he functions. 

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