November 29, 2022
5 High Pay Part Time Jobs in Singapore

5 High Pay Part Time Jobs in Singapore that You Cannot Overlook

Most part-time occupations in Singapore suck. Flipping burgers at a fast-food joint acquire you about $5 to $6 per hour, because of the absence of the lowest pay permitted by law. So what are cash-strapped individuals with willing hands and hearts to do? Fortunately, there are a couple of high-pay part-time jobs in Singapore.

Regardless of whether you are a student hoping to earn some money as an afterthought or an office laborer who needs to enhance your pay, here are high-pay part-time jobs in Singapore that do not expect you to get a Ph.D. in advanced science.

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Here are 5 high pay part-time jobs in Singapore

1. Home tutor ($40 to $60 per hour)

Singapore’s tuition industry is valued at over $1 billion for a reason. Great tutors charge high hourly rates, and parents are happy to pay them if it implies an improvement in their children’s grades.

Degree holders can easily acquire $40 to $50 an hour teaching upper secondary students, and $60 an hour for JC understudies or those in the last two years of a 6-year through-train or IB program. MOE-prepared educators can easily make 20% to 30% more.

2. Singapore tour guide ($250 to $600 per 4-hour tour)

This may astound you, but there are visitors who are happy to pay many dollars for a tour through Singapore.

To be an authorized tour guide, you will need to experience a course given by SkillsFuture-endorsed training supplier (normally around a half year) and pass every one of the tests required to acquire a General Tourist Guide License.

The test is very hard, and you will need to not only be well-versed in Singapore’s history and legacy to pass but have great delivery and tour-organizing skills.

However, the rewards are good. Top-rated tourist guides can charge as high as $429 (SGD594) for a four-hour tour with private transport, while different tour guides will in general charge around $200 (SGD277) to $300 (SGD416) for walking tours through a similar duration.

Note that you do should be authorized as a travel agent (not only a tourist guide) so as to organize a tour via vehicle or some other types of private transport. Those are the freelance guides who can order the most astounding expenses.

3. Freelance web designer ($1,000 & above per project)

There is no should be a programming pro to turned into a good web designer. However, if you were the sort of individual who would make your own blog skins as a young person, you may have a future as a web designer.

For all intents and purposes, each business needs a website, and most simply need basic destinations that are easy to navigate. A designer can finish an extremely essential five-page site in a day, and most designers charge a minimum of $1,000 for even the easiest of tasks.

As your skills develop and you are ready to take on increasingly complex tasks (eg. e-commerce sites), you will get the chance to charge much more.

You can adapt to web design generally rapidly, although you will need to put in certain months practicing your skills. You should use your SkillsFuture credits to take a course if this is a course you need to seek after. If you do not have the persistence to trawl through online instructional exercises, do that as well. Novices may want to look at the responses on this Quora string.

4. A personal trainer ($50 to $70 per hour)

Does your body look like a lump of tore protein? Do you attempt to sucker your friends into arm wrestling each and every time you meet for drinks? At that point, you may have a future as a fitness trainer. This is one of the highest pay part-time jobs in Singapore.

You will need to get a Personal Trainer Certification before beginning to search for customers. A run of the mill course is around 3 weeks to about a month long. Some can be partially paid for utilizing your SkillsFuture credits.

You can join a gym part-time to get your first customers. But in the long run, you need to turn into a consultant. Because that is the place the cash seems to be. Fitness trainers charge about $50 to $70 per hour. That is the reason why it is an extraordinary option in contrast to breathing down tuition kids’ necks.

5. Emcee ($500 to $thousands per event)

People hire emcees not simply to bother individuals at unpalatable shopping center roadshows, but also to have corporate occasions, private occasions, and even weddings.

Emcees charge somewhere in the range of $500 to a few thousand bucks to host events. It depends on what number of members there are and to what extent the occasion keeps going.

Simply register yourself with an office, practice a couple of jokes in front of the mirror and you are ready. Not sufficiently sure? Sign yourself up for a hosting or emceeing workshop graciousness of your SkillsFuture credits. You will ideally not make a trick of yourself.


6. Wedding photographer ($1,500-$3,000 per complete day)

One aspect of wedding images is that there are customers who are willing to pay all forms of prices. There are folks that are willing to pay 5 figures for a lavish remote places shoot from an award-winning photographer, even as there are others who just need someone who’s moderately cheap.

How much do you get paid? A complete day wedding ceremony shoot is typically priced at about $1,500 to $3,000 with the aid of the pros. Expect this to last at the least 8 to ten hours, often more. And don’t neglect that you’ll have to edit your photos afterward.

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