May 9, 2021

Questions to Ask at a Career Fair in Singapore 2020

Have you ever imagined about being in a career fair and don’t know what to do or what questions you should ask at a career fair?

Let’s be honest: Walking into a career fair can be unimaginably scary. Look at every one of those individuals who have the ability to give you a job one day! Take a gander at every one of other individuals who need some of the extremely same employments you need! Nobody would reprimand you for inclination overpowered.

Begin by thinking about that, the recruiters on the opposite side of the table (literally or metaphorically) are individuals simply like you. At that point recall that you are probably not going to evoke a job offer on the spot from any of them. Set up those things together and you will bring down the stakes for yourself and do what may really enable your profession: to have great conversations.

Keep in mind that recruiters are people, not robots. They like having discussions, says Victoria Morell, a Muse vocation mentor and Associate Director of Miami University Farmer School of Business Careers. You generally need to abandon them with, ‘Gracious I need to get familiar with that individual.’

Simple to say, yes, but what do you really state when you are face-to-face with a worn-out enrollment specialist who has as of now addressed 48 other planned candidates today? At a career fair, you will probably get the data you have to choose if an organization or job is a solid match for you, while likewise leaving a decent impression that could enable you to get one bit nearer to grabbing that activity.

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Here are 7 questions to ask at a career fair in Singapore

 1. Ask about a particular role

A great many people will come up to a table, make proper acquaintance and give a little spiel about their experience, and afterward ask, “Do you have any open jobs?” as per Muse profession mentor Chelsea Williams, who in a past position at an asset management firm gone to many vocation fairs to search for ability. The enrollment specialist will now and again state, ‘We do. Check the site.’ That is not a powerful way to expand your time, she says. What’s more, it tells the recruiter that you did not set aside the effort to do an examination and you are not serious about their organization.

Try not to be one of those individuals. You can emerge immediately by adopting an alternate strategy. Invest some energy ahead of the occasion glancing through the rundown of organizations attending, finding a bunch that appears to be most tempting to you. Moreover, realizing what you can about them, recognizing any jobs that appear to be a solid match for you, and preferably presenting your application before you stroll in. 

That way, you can utilize your opportunity to dive further into whatever was not clear part of the expected set of responsibilities and to gather information beyond what is accessible on the web, which could enable you to keep on assessing whether it is extremely the correct fit and prove to be useful later on the off chance that you push ahead in the interview process.

Try questions like:

  • Is the [open role] you presently have recorded progressively centered around [some capacity or part of the company] or [some other capacity or part of the company]?
  • I saw the expected set of responsibilities for [open role] recorded [some dubious item] in the obligations – I do not get your meaning by that?
  • In a regular day, what does [open role] do?
  • What is the greatest test the new [open role] can help settle?
  • Who is the supervisor/direct report for this job?
  • What is this current group’s greatest objective in the following a half year?
  • I do not have a conventional foundation in [field or function] however I have dealt with [something relevant]. Would that be a solid match for [open role]?
  • I saw you did not have any [type of job or jobs on a particular team] open a little while ago. What sorts of changes in those zones do you predict down the line?

 2. Ask about the hiring process

Asking about the hiring process is a good kind of questions to ask at the career fair. A one-on-one discussion with a recruiter is likewise an incredible chance to gather some data and align your desires for the employing procedure. Muse career coach Brad Finkeldei once met for a counseling work in an enlisting procedure that had eight phases. They truly need to ensure it was a decent match socially, he says. Realizing something to that effect direct would enable you to get a feeling of the sort of course of events you can anticipate. (Also, you may choose to convey some more applications while you pause!)

Try questions like:

  • What does the enlisting procedure for [open role] look like?
  • Would you be able to reveal to me a smidgen about the various stages in the procuring procedure for [open role]?

3. Ask about their experience

One of your primary objectives going into a career job fair ought to be to utilize it as a beginning stage for structure long haul connections says Muse profession mentor Clayton Wert. Keeping that in mind, you would prefer only not to discuss yourself constantly. Be canny and inquisitive about the other individual, he says.

The individual you are talking with works at the organization. Get some information about their experience there! You may pick up something about the way of life that you would never gather from work posting or site alone. Also, says Muse profession mentor Kristina Leonardi, the more genuine and affable and relatable you can be, the more noteworthy you can be.

Try questions like:

  • What do you like about [Company]?
  • What is your preferred thing about your job?
  • To what extent have you been at [Company]?
  • What do you truly appreciate this job specifically?
  • What are some of the difficulties you have looked in your job or at [Company]

 4. Ask about growth and development

You might be an understudy or late alumni searching for your first genuine advance into a new field, yet you will not be a beginner until the end of time. It merits getting some information about the job you have connected for, yet about how you can learn and develop and accomplish increasingly down the line. Asking about growth and development is a great kind of questions to ask at the career fair which tells the recruiter you are pondering the future and the long haul with the organization. That shows you are truly put resources into what your future could look like there, Morell says.

Try questions like:

  • What do development and advancement look like at [Company]?
  • How does [Company] support its workers as they hope to develop and step up their skills and duties?
  • I envision that [innovation at the organization or change in the industry] will change how you are taking a shot at [project or product]. How are you building up your workforce to stay aware of this?
  • How does [Company] work to upskill and reskill its representatives?

5. Ask about the company’s products, services, or recent news

Nothing indicates you have gotten your work done like calmly referencing something opportune about the association. Go to the organization blog while doing your search, locate an ongoing article or official statement, and reference something the organization is right now experiencing, says Wert.

In the event that the organization’s simply gained a noteworthy achievement, released new products, or reported some incredible news, he recommends going in and saying, Congrats, that is marvelous! Ideally, it makes carrying out your responsibility simpler. What do you think this implies for you? Or you could say, I saw you are propelling [new product]… That is extraordinary! What do you believe that will do?

Also, on the off chance that you have a certified individual association with the organization’s products or services – regardless of whether it has been your preferred thing since you were five or your mom’s continue discussing the amount she adores it – share that with the recruiter and use it to lead into a question.

Try questions like:

  • I as of late read an article about [event, declaration, or news identified with the company]. How was it to be a piece of that?
  • I know you have quite recently declared a methodology change. How is that move occurring inside?
  • I adore [product/service], I use it constantly! How would you believe it will advance in the following year?

6. Ask about company culture

Whatever job it is that you have your eye on, it does not exist in a vacuum. You will be working with associates, a group, an office, and a whole organization that has an exceptional culture. A standout amongst the best ways you can utilize your time at a career fair is to pose inquiries that will enable you to comprehend an organization’s way of life and decide whether I am the sort of condition you need.

In case you are new to the working scene, you probably will not know precisely what you are searching for (and that is alright!). Yet you can, in any case, utilize these sorts of inquiries to get a handle on whether an organization sounds like a spot you can see yourself burning through the vast majority of your waking hours.

When you pose inquiries about culture – and all through your discussion – ensure you are sensitive to non-verbal communication, hesitations, and what is not being stated, notwithstanding the real verbal reaction. Particularly as a recruiter, they will be truly very much practiced. They are there to sell the brand and positions, says Morell. Thus, company culture question is one of the must-have questions to ask at a career fair

Try questions like:

  • What sort of individual is best at [Company]?
  • What does communication look like at [Company]?
  • Do individuals hang out outside of work all the time?
  • What sort of culture is there around feedback at [Company]? How do individuals like to give and get criticism?
  • Decent variety is extremely imperative to me. How would you bolster various personalities?
  • I saw photographs of [volunteer, diversity, or social event] on the organization’s Instagram account. Would you kindly disclose to me progressively about that program?

7. Ask how you can stay in touch

Since you have had a fantastic chat, wrap it up by guaranteeing this does not need to be the last time you talk. Ensure you know the individual’s name and take a business card (in the event that they have one) or ask how you can stay in contact with them and the organization. That is one of the must-have questions to ask at a career fair. That way, you will have a contact to connect with on the off chance that you do not hear back about your application.

What’s more, you can likewise begin growing long haul connections. Who knows, you may associate back with them during a time that is not as occupied and get espresso, Morell says. Regardless of whether there is not an ideal job for you at this organization now, or if this one does not work out, no one can really tell what may open up later on.

Try questions like:

  • What is the most ideal approach to keep in contact with you?
  • What might be an extraordinary next step to take in the wake of gathering you here?
  • Who would I be able to catch up with about [open role]?


Avoid question to ask at the career fair

You should not ask the specific questions related to your benefit or your need because it is not so polite to mention that in the first time you meet the HR. Such questions like:

  • How much will I be paid? or How much vacation time will I get?
  • How many MC days I can get? and How many days off per year?

You also should not ask “So, what does your company do?” because it shows the lack you research you do for the company.

Thank you for reading till the end of 7 questions to ask at a career fair!

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