November 27, 2021

Here are some Application Developer Interview Questions 

Application developers are liable for making and altering source code for computer software applications. Moreover, application developers are otherwise called Software Developers and Software Architects. A lot of fresh grads wondering a question before going for application developers interview which is What are Application Developer Interview Questions? 

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Here are some Application Developer Interview Questions 

  1. What have you seen as the best programming language to utilize when developing new applications?

Shows up-and-comers’ learning of programming languages and procedures. 

  1. Is there an application that bothers you? How might you fix it?

Search for applicants who show innovative intuition just as critical thinking abilities. Observe candidates who exhibit an absence of programming learning and specialized abilities. 

  1. What do you do to limit security risks?

Exhibits applicants’ modifying learning and explanatory abilities. 

  1. How might you prevent an application from smashing?

Search for applicants who show a great working knowledge of programming standards. 

  1. Please clarify how you offset customer requests with application programming improvement?

Search for candidates who show relational and teamworking abilities. Take note of candidates who sideline customer needs to concentrate exclusively on application advancement. 

Operational and Situational questions 

  • What highlights would you change/actualize to an application to make it quicker?
  • Do you have an idea of an application or highlight that our clients would appreciate?
  • How would you guarantee the application you are planning will scale to fit various screen sizes?
  • What would you do if you found that a feature you planned had made the application run all the more gradually? 

Behavioral questions 

  • What’s your subject matter, and what might you want to become familiar with? Why?
  • Are you at present associated with a side task? Assuming this is the case, what’s going on here? If not, what sort of task would intrigue you?
  • Which of the applications you have made would you say you are generally glad for? Why and what was your job in the development team?
  • What are your preferred mobile apps, and why?


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