October 12, 2021

8 best websites where you can find internships in Singapore

Internship in Singapore is extremely needed for thousands of fresh grads every year, especially the one with no experience. Good jobs are just available for the best-fit people. To be well-prepared for a future career, many students who have currently been in school or have graduated choose to get internships in Singapore. There are 8 best internship websites where you can get an internship in Singapore. Let’s check it out.

1. InternSG

The name of the website “Internsg” probably stands for internship in Singapore. The website’s display is super simple and easy to use for everyone. Click to “Latest Internships” to find out over 50,000 internships are listed there. There are two filters for users to effectively search which are “Job occupation” and “Company industry”.

All the pieces of information such as the company’s name, location, salary, company profile, job description, and a requirement are showed when users click to a specific job.


2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not just a networking site. They are also a good platform where you can find your dream internship in Singapore. More and more employers and recruiters have been posting their available vacancies on the site. Another interesting thing is that HR can also search for the best-fit candidate and your profile probably appears in the search result to be considered.

3. Glints

Glints is one of the biggest internship portals in Singapore which provides thousands of jobs and internships. Moreover, the portal has expanded to many countries in Southeast Asian such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Their vision is to be the #1 full-stack tech-enabled human resource and career development company in Southeast Asia.

Image source: glints

4. JobsDB

JobsDB Singapore is a search engine for jobs throughout Singapore. It is a pool of jobs for everyone in every field and every company. Over 100k jobs from dozens of other job portals are listed in JobsDB.

By simply typing “intern” in “What”, you can find internships in Singapore in all industries. If you wish to go in detail such as “digital marketing intern”, all digital marketing internships will appear. There is an interesting useful filter “where” which allows you to type the location where you want to work to avoid the hours of traveling in public transports every day.

5. Jobstreet

Like other big competitors, there are thousands of jobs are available in Jobstreet included internships in Singapore. However, the feature “advanced search” allows you to easily filter exactly what you expect. You can type the job title which they are seeking and click to “Internship” in the job type section to find internships. They can also select the range of monthly salary or the day since internships are posted.

6. Startupjobs

If you are not comfortable working in a giant organization with hundreds of employees and wearing formal from Mon to Fri, you can join a start-up where you can even wear flip flops to work.

You can click to the “Internship” in the job type section and “Singapore” in the country section to find available internships in Singapore. Furthermore, Startupjobs provides the “Co-founder” in the job type section which you can apply to be a Co-founder in Startup Company if you have enough qualifications.

7. Jobscentral

Jobscentral is another internship portal in Singapore where you can get an internship. They create the “Career fair” for all job seekers and “Learning” where the student can find thousands of online courses in there. You can filter Internships in “Job Nature” option or you can also simply type interns in the search area to find internships. You can also choose the qualification which is most close to you in the ‘Qualification filter”.

8. Oppshares

Oppshares is one of the best websites to find internships in Singapore which supports recruiters who wish to publish their internship, freelance, remote jobs, and part-time jobs. Through that, the jobseekers can apply directly to employers through Email or Phone or using Oppshares’s application option. In addition, we also write many posts in various categories which may help both employees and employers.

The most interesting thing which makes us different is we have the option for recruiters to post unpaid internships in Singapore which are a little bit easier to get for jobseekers who have no experience. This option is the Win-Win for both employers and employees, one has people who can help their business go and one has a chance to get experience and skills.

Thank you to read till the end of “8 best internship websites where you can get an internship in Singapore.

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