January 23, 2022

Can Malaysian work in Singapore? – 6 most popular jobs for Malaysian

Can Malaysian work in Singapore?” is a frequently asked question by Malaysian workers during the travel restriction on March 18, 2020.

According to scmp.com “Malaysia has announced restrictions on movement for two weeks from March 18, barring its citizens from travelling overseas and shutting all businesses except shops selling food and daily necessities, in a drastic move to stem a surge in coronavirus infections.”

Based on the news, Malaysian workers cannot travel to Singapore for work from March 18, 2020, to March 31, 2020. Therefore,  many workers from Johor Bahru cannot go to Singapore in the morning to work and come back in the afternoon. Hence, workers probably should work from home if possible or rent a shelter in Singapore to stay for work and wait until the restriction ended. Workers also should contact the managers to discuss a possible option to deal with this situation. 

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6 most popular jobs that Malaysian can work in Singapore

It is not easy to get a job in Singapore if you are not a Singaporean citizen or a permanent resident (PR). You may feel disappointed by the number of job advertisements seeking for “citizens and PRs only”. If you do not have excellently in-demand skills or a high-level hire to spend your time tasting cocktails at Cé La Vie.

All things considered, there are many employers who want to hire non-Singaporeans and non-PRs. You just need to know where to look for the jobs.

Based on your educational and professional background, you can find a suitable job. There are uncountable Malaysians and other foreigners working in Singapore in multiple sectors, such as doctors, lawyers, bankers, and others. But they have not yet read this piece of writing.

The jobs to be mentioned in this article do not require any special qualifications, and employers are willing to hire people who are neither citizens nor PRs.

1. F&B service staff

The F&B business is one that is thirsty for willing laborers, and numerous restaurants experience challenges in seeking individuals to hire.

In a restaurant, café, food stall, or hawker stall, the employers will not mind that you are not a Singaporean citizen or a PR as long as they have not already busted their quota for foreign employees.

Besides, there are many jobs as servers or kitchens assistants waiting for you.

If you are a good cook or knowledgeable in Malaysia food, it will be an advantage as Singapore is facing a shortage of people who can cook Malaysian or Singapore food.

The individuals who as of now have long stretched of experience working in F&B can apply for administrative jobs.

2. Delivery riders

You can choose to become a delivery rider for an F&B establishment if you are a Malaysian or a foreigner with a motorcycle driving license.

Singaporeans are much dependent on getting their food delivered, but not many of them have motorbike driving licenses. More and more local delivery riders now like working for delivery services such as FoodPanda or Deliveroo. However, only Singaporean citizens and PRs can get employment.

This means the demand for delivery riders at fast food facilities is quite high.

3. Retail staff – Can Malaysian work in Singapore?

Singapore is fundamentally one goliath shopping center, so there is a solid interest for individuals who wish to work in retail, from deals aides to clerks. You may require specific language aptitudes relying upon the store.

For example, in case you are filling in as a retail right hand at an extravagance brand. You should be familiar with English and conceivably Mandarin or Bahasa Indonesia/Melayu.

Nonetheless, different retailers are not so fastidious, with some supermarkets being cheerful to hire clerks and retail staff who are not that fluent in English.

4. Hospitality staff

Hotels are always seeking to employ service staff with a wide range of abilities – from doormen and cleaning staff and receptionists to chefs and waitstaff.

Those eager to work the night shift are likewise sought after. If you live in Malaysia and plan to drive over the Causeway daily, you should work the graveyard shift to avoid traffic congestions during peak hours.

Upscale hotel brands are always in need of hiring cooks who are capable of Singaporean and Malaysian food. As they need these dishes at their eateries and the buffet breakfast served to their guests each morning. If you are a Malaysian who can prepare a mean plate of char kway teow, you stand a decent possibility of getting contracted.

Lastly, if you are an expert/chief/official with earlier hospitality experience, pay special mind to such jobs at hotel chains in Singapore, particularly those where your language abilities will prove to be useful.

5. Automobile technician

Car and motorcycle workshops in Singapore tend to employ many Malaysians, Chinese, and other non-Singaporeans.

There are not enough Singaporean citizens who have sufficient knowledge of vehicle repairing. They are so costly here and those who can bear the cost of them are rich enough to pay others to solve their problems.

The main issue is that there are as of now such a significant number of outsiders utilized in this industry that a workshop may have officially busted their portion of for foreign hires.

Regardless of whether you do not have any related knowledge. You may almost certainly find a workshop that will train you, so make a question or two and get friendly with workshop managers.

6. Bus driver – Can Malaysian work in Singapore?

If you are seeking a job where you can sit in an air-conditioned area throughout the day and yet not kept to a work area, you should fill in as a transport driver.

A vast majority of bus (or other heavy vehicles) drivers are foreigners. That shows companies are more than willing to employ.

You should have a relevant driving license in your home country. If not, you should be prepared to go through an intensive training process to apply for a job with the public bus operators in Singapore such as SMRT, SBS or Tower Transit.

What work permit do foreigners need in Singapore?

Depending on your job, qualifications, and salary, the employer will apply for one of the following work permits on your behalf:

Type of work visa  Who’s eligible?
Employment Pass (EP) Professionals, managers, and executives making at least $3,600 a month. You usually need some kind of qualification such as a university degree.
S Pass For skilled staff making at least $2,200 month.
Work permit For semi-skilled workers in the construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, process or services sector.

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If you are now living in Singapore or Employment Pass (EP) or S Pass, and get a job offer from a different employer, you can make the switch without inconvenience.

Your EP or S Pass does not have to be dropped and you do not have to leave Singapore. You can simply get the new manager to apply for another one for you.

However, Work Permit holders cannot just hop to another business except if they are from China or a couple of different nations with little populaces in Singapore.

You need to drop your work license or hold up until it reaches an end. After that leave Singapore and re-apply for another one when you have secured another position. If you live in an adjacent nation like Malaysia, this is clearly less troublesome than if you need to take a long flight home.

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