January 22, 2022

Can You Be Friends With Your Boss? and How Close it is?

It is great that you can build up friendships with the people at your workplace. But Can You Be Friends With Your Boss? All things considered, that dynamic can get somewhat trickier. 

You spend a vast majority of your time in the workplace. Therefore, it is extremely just normal that you will build up friendships with the people you work with. And, having an incredible relationship with your colleagues can really make working for a long time considerably more charming! 

On one hand, a relationship with your boss can lead to expanded communication and a lift in your morale. But, the obscured lines between your own and expert lives can likewise convolute things inside your office. 

Here are some do and don’t things to answer to the question “Can You Be Friends With Your Boss?

Do Always Remember Your Boss’ Authority 

Of course, perhaps you and your manager get some drinks together on a Friday night or get each other presents for birthdays. But, that does not mean you should ever overlook that your supervisor is in reality your superior in the work environment. 

Therefore, although you think about your boss as your friend, you would like to practice a specific degree of control and oversight with regards to your interactions outside of the workplace. The general standard guideline is that the person is your manager first, and your buddy second. 

Don’t grumble unendingly about the obligations of your position. Don’t poke fun at which of your colleagues should be terminated. What’s more, please, don’t get power outage alcoholic – or even clearly alcoholic. Truly, you are companions. In any case, you should still try to maintain your professional reputation. All things considered, your “friend” can fire you. 

Don’t Flaunt Your Friendship in the Office 

Have you at any point spent time with two close buddies who spent the entire time thinking back about stories you were not a piece of? Or discussing individuals you did not have an inkling, and telling inside jokes they realized you would not get it? It was irritating, wasn’t it? 

Presently, envision how your colleagues will feel toward you and your boss in case you are similar to this consistently in the workplace. There will undoubtedly be some strain and hostility. 

Obviously, it is significant that you do not display your friendship in the workplace. It tends to be truly off-putting to the majority of your different colleagues, and even flash some really dreadful office tattle! 

While you should never conceal your relationship, you completely would prefer not to rub your bond in everybody’s face. Particularly if your boss does not have a similar relationship with other colleagues. If you do, you might be left with a great relationship with your supervisor. But you can say goodbye to your friendships with collaborators. 

Do Be Inclusive 

You may have a great relationship with your manager. But it would not mean you like to frame this exclusive office clique that no other colleague can enter. To avoid any contention or hurt sentiments, endeavor to incorporate others in the workplace. 

In case you are taking off for party time after work, stretch out the invitation to every other person you work with. Doing this will fortify the way that the relationship is reasonable and real. Besides, it will eliminate the snide comments and judgment from your colleagues. 

Don’t Get Too Cozy on Social Media 

Work relationships must have been so natural before social media was a major ordeal. In any case, presently we are altogether tasked with the overwhelming choice of whether we should acknowledge that feared friend demand from our manager. 

Hitting “acknowledge” truly boils down to individual preference. However, paying little respect to what you choose, it is best not to turn out to be excessively familiar or cozy with your boss on your social media accounts. Why? Well, it presents a totally different individual component (and perhaps even a requirement for oversight!) into your officially muddled relationship. 

In addition, those successive tweets forward and backward among you and your boss can cause your other collaborators to feel awkward or even forgotten about. 

Do Avoid Office Gossip 

Office tattle is a poorly conceived notion in any condition. However, when it is occurring between a boss and subordinate? Indeed, that is only a catastrophe waiting to happen. 

As a best practice, you and your manager should avoid exchanges about anything business-related when you are outside of the workplace. It just serves to grow your hazy area and further entangle your officially sensitive relationship. 

In addition, you have to remember that this individual is still your manager (recall my point about always recognizing authority?). After all, your apparently innocuous venting could in all likelihood be occupation endangering for the colleague you are griping about. 

Don’t Leverage Your Friendship for Special Treatment 

This should go without saying, but you should completely never utilize your own relationship for draw in a professional situation. In the workplace, your supervisor should regard you as the individual does some other employees. And you should expect that from him/her. 

Wouldn’t you be enraged if you generally needed to set a meeting with your director, while another worker could basically breeze into his or her office whenever he/she pleased? It is a surefire approach to make somebody feel inferior and slighted, regardless of whether that is your aim or not. 

Do Openly Communicate 

Adjusting your own and expert relationship will undoubtedly get confused. So you and your boss should try to always straightforwardly speak with each other about any issues, concerns, or clashes. 

Likewise, it is a bad idea for you and your supervisor to plunk down and discuss some standard procedures entirely from the get-go in your fellowship – as cumbersome and formal as it may appear. This defines limits that you can regard both all through the workplace, just as makes both of your expectations clear ideal as it so happens. 

There is no uncertainty about it – exploring a kinship with your manager includes some serious thought and consideration. In any case, it is certainly possible, and even shockingly normal! Practice these “dos” and stay away from the “don’ts” for a friendship that is moral, legitimate, and (ideally!) sans judgment.


So, to conclude, the answer for the question “Can you be friends with your boss?” is that you can be friends with your boss but don’t be too close, at least at the public. Moreover, at work, your boss is alway your boss, not a dude, so take it clearly and seriously.

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