December 4, 2021

CV scanner: How To Beat The Recruitment Robot

Applicants, would you say you are attempting to move beyond the underlying hiring stages? You have had a go at changing things around on your CV, composing a much increasingly noteworthy covering letter. However, despite everything, you have had no luck. There is one thing you might not have considered… your job application is being looked at by a recruitment robot. So how to overcome the CV scanner. 


Where you could be turning out badly…

You are applying for a job, expecting that the recipient should be human. However, this simply is not generally the situation. As far as high-volume enrollment, where jobs are drawing in hundreds of candidates, hiring managers physically do not have time to peruse every individual application. Also, screening, talking and making sure effective key choices are made. In this manner, businesses and recruiters look towards utilizing hiring technology to help deal with their overwhelming workload.

Driving us to beat the “Recruitment Robot.” While this might be a slight distortion of AI and mechanization in recruitment. The essentials are still the same. Innovation utilization is ending up increasingly more predominant inside the business. Therefore, it is significant that you as a job seeker know about how to plan your application to suit the requirements of both a human and a robot.

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CV preparation tips to pass CV scanner

  • Work experience

Write a CV that is ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) prepared. Applicant Tracking Systems are utilized by loads of significant businesses and are intended to deal with the hiring procedure. In this way, while transferring your CV to a business’s career page, be wary of the sort of programming they may have actualized. Applicant tracking systems will in general support keywords and decide your movement by how well your CV coordinated the expected job description.

  • Key details

It is critical to incorporate the majority of the important key subtleties, which could influence your job opportunities. Work dates, organization names, past and current position titles are the kinds of data the enrollment robot may filter for when handling your application. Some contend expressing your present location is additionally a key factor while applying for a job.

You may not feel good including your precise area. Therefore, you should express the closest, town, city or locale, which can still be viable for recruitment technology to build up your distance from the potential job.

  • Format compatibility

Check your CV position is right. The file format must line up with what is being asked of you. Some applicant tracking systems can just peruse certain records. Therefore, when the business requests .doc and not a pdf, ensure your consent (it is for your advantage!).

Employing technology will as a rule not perceive pictures inside your job application. So except if you are presenting a creative CV or portfolio, there is no compelling reason to occupy this important room with images.

Keep your digital footprint in check digital footprint

Some enlistment programming has the capacity to contemplate your online presence. Counting online life stages to help settle on their contracting choice. This could draw out any applicable data, recruiters and managers may use to ‘pre-screen’ you before offering you a potential interview.

In any case, if you do not want to be found, privatize your records, change your name and erase any photos or statuses that do not mirror your professional self.

Be set up for a less ‘conventional’ style interview

Your next interview may not be what you anticipate. Bosses can utilize a video interview fueled by AI to ask beginning screening inquiries. This implies you may not really talk or interface with a human recruiter until the last interview stage. In any case, if you know about this potential robot interviewer, it can enable you to plan your answers to include keywords that their calculations might look for.

While this new sort of visually impaired employing can feel strange to some job searchers, it tends to be compelling in eliminating bias and advancing assorted variety.

Follow up

In an industry where robotization can impact hiring choices, do not be reluctant to include a little human touch. A basic email to the employing manager following the submission of your job application can sometimes be a decent expansion. Because their innovation supposes you are not a decent match, it does not mean the hiring manager will!

Beating the recruitment robot can be troublesome. With more businesses than ever fusing innovation into their hiring methodology, it implies you as an applicant need to change how you have recently connected for a job previously.

Thank you for reading till the end of how to pass the CV scanner!


When designing a resume to beat the recruitment robot, avoid

  • Tables
  • Text boxes
  • Logos
  • Images
  • Graphics, graphs, or other visuals
  • Columns
  • Headers and footers
  • Uncommon section headings
  • Hyperlinks on important words
  • Less common fonts.

Elements you can use without tripping up an ATS

  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Underline
  • Colors
  • Bullets

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