October 13, 2021

20 Funniest Jobs In The World that Pay Incredible High

Working is regularly seen as a tormenting procedure to make a decent living. However, it should not really be this way. A few occupations are dull and tedious, others are fun, fascinating and charming. What’s more, the pay is great as well!

To enable you to get a fun job that makes your life all the more intriguing, here I have you a list of the 20 funniest jobs in the world that pay well. You may soon regret as you had not read this earlier.

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20 funniest jobs in the world

1. Ferrari Driving Instructor

How fun is it? To be paid to drive a Ferrari while others spare so hard just to do as such.

How well does it pay? From $90,000 to $120,000 per year

Prerequisite: Extensive experience in professional racing and expert training.

2. Video Game Player

How fun is it? It is definitely one of the funniest jobs in the world. To play computer games professionally as though we are having our relaxation time day in and day out.

How well does it pay? $50,000 every year, reliant on the demand


  • Be great at the game. Not ordinary sort of good but rather MLG level of enormity.
  • Have a gigantic love for computer games.

3. Private Island Caretaker

How fun is it?

  • Very own bit of nature
  • Very own solitude
  • Embark on your own one of a kind experience on an island

How well does it pay? Up to $100,000 per year


  • Good swimmer.
  • Passionate about water sports.
  • Adventurous.
  • Highly communicative in writing to advance the island and week by week report back to headquarters

4. Food Stylist

How fun is it?

  • Turn consumable things into a bit of craftsmanship, getting ready and styling them for photo shooting of magazines and cookery books.
  • You may need to brush on some delicate chicken and in particular, after all the “makeup” and “dressing,” they are still alright to eat!

How well does it pay? $77,000 every year


  • An extraordinary tasteful sense.
  • Profound learning on food.

5. Voice Actors

How fun is it?

  • Get paid by making interesting voices.
  • Wear anything you desire in the studio (Pajamas, cosplay outfits, and so on!)

How well does it pay? Up to $80,000, subject to the experience


  • An incredible voice and extraordinary control of voice

6. Unexploded Ordnance Technician

How fun is it? Get paid to explore things!

How well does it pay? A shocking $150,000 every year


  • Professional Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) capabilities

7. Ethical Hacker

How fun is it? Enlisted to lawfully hack into computer systems (and be pleased with doing as such).

How well does it pay? $100,000 to $140,000


  • Certified Ethical Hacker capability
  • Global Information Assurance Certificate (GIAC) Penetration analyzer capability
  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) capability

8. Crossword Puzzle Writer

How fun is it? Plan your very own incredible crossword on paper and lead the readers to a labyrinth of words.

How well does it pay? $70,000 every year


  • Extensive knowledge on wide-running jargon
  • Able to meet a tight timetable

9. Video Game Designer

How fun is it? Release your inventiveness and make your own computer game

How well does it pay? Around $80,000 per year, reliant on experience


  • Minimum a higher certificate in computer game design or computer science. Ideally a four-year certification.
  • Enthusiasm and knowledge in computer games.

10. Blimp Pilot

How fun is it? Fly an eye-getting airship the entire day to get your check.

How well does it pay? $70,000 every year


  • Preferably more than 1,200 hours of flight time
  • A Certified Flight Instructor Certificate
  • Preferably a business rating

11. Toy Designer

How fun is it? It is obviously one of the funniest jobs in the world. Understand your kidult dream and design toys for genuine children.

How well does it pay? Roughly $70,000 every year


  • A degree in any field identified with toy design
  • Great passion for toys and how toys satisfy kids
  • Knowledge of toys kids at different ages love to play

12. Fortune Cookie Writer

How fun is it? Spread your mind and knowledge by keeping in touch with somebody liners that can speak to as well as educate others.

How well does it pay? Up to $70,000 every year


  • With an enormous number of ideas. You must be extremely productive to ensure the 3 billion fortune cookies delivered every year has a message inside.

13. Hollywood Stunt Person

How fun is it? End up on the screens in cinemas, getting “Wow!”s and praise from the group of spectators.

How well does it pay? Up to $100,000 per year, profoundly reliant on the size of the movie, understanding, and the idea of the tricks.


  • Obtained the participation of Joint Industry Stunt Committee Register of Stunt Performers and Coordinators
  • Excellent physical wellness

14. Disneyland Face Character

How fun is it? Have you ever thought of being a Disneyland character? Presently you are one. Take on the appearance of your preferred childhood cartoon characters and play as them. (It could be hard though when you needed to work under the enormous ensemble.)

How well does it pay? Around $32,000 every year


  • Strict stature and appearance guidelines
  • Able to imitate a character
  • Love children and expertise to take into account their needs

15. Food Critic

How fun is it?

  • Totally complimentary eating knowledge. Never need to stress where to eat and spending now.
  • Chefs and servers giving their best to dazzle you.

How well does it pay? $47,000 a year


  • Outstanding culinary learning and delicate to taste and fragrance
  • Familiar with the work process in a restaurant
  • Excellent communication (writing) skills, ideally with a degree in communication, journalism or relevant fields
  • Attention to subtleties

16. Ice Cream Taster

How fun is it? It is definitely one of the funniest jobs in the world. A boundless supply of the ice-cold heart-softening delicacy.

How well does it pay? $60,000 per year


  • A degree in food science
  • Extraordinary love for ice cream (as you will have it pretty much every feast each day)

17. Race Engineer

How fun is it? Intently screen the race vehicle execution and speak with the driver. You are part of the race!

How well does it pay? $134,000 every year


  • A degree in Mathematics and Physics
  • Able to work under the massive weight as a large portion of a second deferred reaction can cost a match
  • Deep comprehension of the racing industry

18. Sommelier

How fun is it?

  • Drink wine and prescribe them professionally
  • Travel around the globe to source new wines

How well does it pay? Base yearly salary is around $40,000 yet an ace sommelier can procure up to $150,000 a year.


  • Extensive learning of wine
  • Highly delicate to taste and smell
  • Great communication abilities

19. Social Media Professional

How fun is it? While you often look through Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram in your extra time, you currently do it at work professionally.

How well does it pay? From $55,000 to $83,000 every year, reliant on experience and obligations


  • Familiar with the most recent pattern and distinctive social media platforms
  • Extensive knowledge in marketing

20. Radio and Television Announcer

How fun is it?

  • Working on-air live certainly offers you a surge of adrenaline
  • Able to meet famous people and government officials, and even interview them
  • On a few events, you are welcomed for some free food and to various events

How well does it pay? Around $45,000 a year


  • A degree in journalism, broadcasting or relevant fields
  • Specialized learning is sometimes required if you are in an explicit area
  • Outstanding communication and ready to work under colossal pressure (for example try not to stammer and get apprehensive in an interview with a Hollywood star!)


21. Audiologist

How fun is it? You’re in for a fun and fulfilling career without any undue tension.

How well does it pay? Around $77,420 a year

Prerequisite: You will study for a doctorate and get a license to practice to become an audiologist.

22. Dietician

How fun is it? There’s so much pleasure coming from being a dietician because you can help clients grow better and achieve their goals along the way.

How well does it pay? Around $60,115  a year

Prerequisite: You need at least a degree in the field of science, as well as natural communication skills to speak to patients sympathetically and honestly.

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