December 1, 2021

High Paying Jobs With No Experience Needed in Singapore

Are you fresh out of school, searching for an occupation, but facing a shortage of experience? You may think this will prevent you from getting a conventional paying job, but that is untrue. Not all entry-level, “no experience necessary” work is an impasse. Numerous professional careers do require formal advanced education and long periods of experience. However, you will find high paying jobs with no experience needed. A portion of these occupations even offers paid, on-the-job training!

To enable you to begin on your pursuit of employment, look at these 13 proposals, alongside salary estimates and employment requirements.

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High paying jobs with no experience needed

Profession Annual salary range
Delivery Driver $16,918 – $46,324
Bill Collector $21,903 – $47,898
Web Developer $22,500 – $132,500
Taxi Driver $17,110 – $66,662
Rideshare Driver $30,000 – $53,200
Garbage Collector $19,920 – $59,922
Security Guard $18,161 – $38,999
Bartender $13,085 – $47,298
School Bus Driver $16,404 – $39,883
Real Estate Broker $30,303 – $227,211
Cable TV Installer $21,584 – $51,855
18-Wheel Truck Driver $27,528 – $67,393
Human Resources Assistant $23,602 – $45,591
Library Technician $20,801 – $42,896

1. Delivery Driver

Regardless of whether national, local, or neighborhood, organizations need delivery drivers. For whatever length of time that you have a spotless driver’s permit, you are qualified for these occupations. You do not need any experience for a significant number of these occupations. And they frequently offer a ton of scheduling flexibility. Beginning with an organization as a driver can likewise enable you to get your foot in the entryway, with chances to move in the direction of a higher-paying position.

Organizations like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Instacart may have accessibility for new delivery-partners in your general vicinity. Furthermore, the best part is, you probably will not require a vehicle. For instance, with DoorDash you can convey utilizing your vehicle, bicycle or bike.

Annual salary range: $16,918 – $46,324

2. Bill Collector

Specialists project the work rate for bill collectors to develop by roughly 19% in the following 10 years. And a large portion of these positions just requires a high school diploma. Occupation prerequisites incorporate viably communicating via telephone and having great client service aptitudes. Past bill collection experience is not required.

Annual salary range: $21,903 – $47,898

3. Web Developer

This is one of the highest paying jobs with no experience needed. Turning into a web developer is an extraordinary profession decision for anybody wanting to express their creativity. It is likewise a field that is dependable in intense interest. Regardless of whether you do not have any formal training, there is a wide range of online courses you can take to develop your skills. Coursera offers online courses through accredited universities. If you need something a little less formal, Udemy is an extraordinary alternative. Regardless of which you pick, you will have the option to refine your skills to get this well-paying job.

Annual salary range: $22,500 – $132,500

4. Taxi Driver

Explicit licensing necessities for cab drivers vary. However, they include being more than 21 years old, having a spotless driving record, several years of driving experience, and passing a background check. Generally, taxi drivers pay to rent their taxis from a taxi organization, keeping all the salary they get from their fares.

Work hours are long and regularly include evenings, weekends, and holidays, and the work can even be risky on occasions. In any case, with no past taxi driving knowledge required and the capacity to set your very own hours, being a taxi driver can settle on for a comfortable career choice.

Annual salary range: $17,110 – $66,662

5. Rideshare Driver

Ride-hailing organizations like Uber and Lyft let drivers utilize their very own vehicles. That means more cash in your pocket. Besides, on the grounds that the rideshare business can be cashless, you do not need to stress over taking care of money with your riders.

When you sign up to drive for Lyft, you can earn $1,000 in the wake of finishing your initial 125 rides. That is notwithstanding the tips you make on the road. This promotion is temporarily, and terms apply.

Annual salary range: $30,000 – $53,200

6. Garbage Collector

You will need to wake up before the break of day to begin your workday. However, you get most occasions off, get great (regularly union) advantages. And you get the opportunity to practice hands-on when you fill in as a garbage collector. Necessities include being physically fit, fit for lifting substantial things, and the capacity to drive a garbage truck. You can start searching for an occupation in this field on Waste Management’s career site.

Annual salary range: $19,920 – $59,922

7. Security Guard

Filling in as a security guard can mean much something other than watching the nearby shopping center for boisterous young people. You may fill in as a defensive guard for an embassy. You can even be a secure cash transporter for Brinks or a member of the Homeland Security group at the airport. A high school diploma is adequate for the vast majority of these employments. However, requirements vary and could incorporate breezing through a medication test, having a perfect criminal record, and maybe even obtaining a firearms license.

Annual salary range: $18,161 – $38,999

8. Bartender

You do not need a formal education to fill in as a bartender, yet you should go to a bartending school. Working behind a bar can be troublesome, as each move requires managing an assimilating open from various different walks of life. A few areas have laws set up where a bar or bartender can be held responsible if a benefactor drinks excessively. Therefore, there is the additional weight of observing how much liquor your clients devour. The ABC Bartending School lists bartending school areas around the nation.

Annual salary range: $13,085 – $47,298

9. School Bus Driver

You should have the persistence of a saint if you need to drive kids to and from school each morning. Furthermore, you need clean driving and criminal records. Transport drivers usually work twice every day, in the morning and in the afternoon. Besides, they get all the equivalent occasions and days off that students enjoy. No past experience is required to turn into a school bus driver, and the job can accompany benefits just as decent pay.

Annual salary range: $16,404 – $39,883

10. Real Estate Broker

The best intermediaries have built up a large referral network and have return business. This means it takes at least a couple of years to make gobs of cash in this field. However, fortunately, there is incredible potential to make money, and you just need an agent license to get your foot in the entryway at a realty firm.

To end up qualified for a license, you should take a 60-hour course. Once hired, an operator would then be able to step through another examination to turn into a full-fledged broker. Hence, this is a paying job with no experience needed.

Annual salary range: $30,303 – $227,211

11. Cable TV Installer

Satellite TV and Internet installers can make better-than-average pay rates. Past experience is not required for business, and on-the-job training is given. Decent compatibility with the public surely helps make this job simpler. Contact your local cable organization with respect to open positions.

Annual salary range: $21,584 – $51,855

12. 18-Wheel Truck Driver

Most of your time will be spent far from home, but being a truck driver positively has its rewards. These occupations offer great pay and advantages, and practically zero past experience is required for the business. You must be prepared and authorized to drive big trucks. However, most trucking organizations pay for your training and help you with getting your Commercial Driver’s License.

Medicinal tests and background checks may likewise be required, contingent upon what you may pull. So this is one of the highest-paying jobs with no experience needed.

Annual salary range: $27,528 – $67,393

13. Human Resources Assistant

These partners monitor all data relating to an organization’s workers and help the HR director in different exercises including organization and employee relations. As a rule, a high school diploma is the main necessity for this position. Although customer service experience and secretarial abilities look good for the chance to find an occupation. Open doors for progression do emerge. And assistants can proceed to move toward becoming supervisors in the wake of increasing some hands on-the-job experience or extra training and education.

Annual salary range: $23,602 – $45,591

14. Library Technician

The Internet, online book shops, and digital book perusers, for example, the Amazon Kindle have unquestionably reduced foot traffic into local libraries. However, the library as we know it is not going anyplace at any point in the near future. And keeping in mind that turning into a library technician requires years of schooling and certification, getting a vocation as a library technician can frequently be accomplished by somebody with only a high school diploma.

Technicians help librarians in sorting out materials, requesting new titles, racking books, and helping patrons in looking into the catalog. Computer skills are essential to this job, but no past experience is fundamentally expected. Contact your nearby library for information about job openings.

Annual salary range: $20,801 – $42,896



The job market is intense for everybody at the present time. And it tends to be particularly disappointing to those without formal education or with no work experience. In any case, there are numerous occupations out there that pay well, and organizations are simply trusting that the correct applicants will present their applications, paying little mind to past experience. High paying jobs for high school graduates do exist. So what are you sitting tight for? Your next chance might be directly around the bend!

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15. Commercial Diver

News accounts of diving mishaps are grim reminiscences of the dangers faced everyday by commercial divers in Singapore. But for those who love the sea and enjoy diving, there is really no work compared with becoming a professional diver. Experienced divers can earn about $10,000 a month, according to news reports, and there are also opportunities to fly abroad for diving assignments.

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