January 28, 2022

How to Get a Job in Singapore? – 8 Guidelines to Answer

Singapore is outstanding for its low taxation, the negligible typical cost for basic items, and a warm, inviting climate. Also known as the center point to Asia, Singapore is famously sheltered and welcoming. Living and working in the city is a fantasy shared by many. 

Fortunately, the job market in the Asian city is developing fast. More enterprises are springing up, and there is a big rise in expats and local people establishing new companies. Getting a job in Singapore is profoundly possible for expats – but how you can get a job in Singapore?

This guide will walk you through the eight stages of how to get a job in Singapore.

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8 steps to get a job in Singapore

1. Check your eligibility to work in Singapore

Before finding a thorough job search, it is a smart idea to ensure you are qualified to work in Singapore. There are a couple of various types of permits depending on your capabilities. The Ministry of Manpower in Singapore has distributed an online self-evaluation tool named SmArT. The tool can help measure your probability of qualification.

While the SmArT appraisal can give you an idea, you should not accept it as a certification that you will be qualified. A few factors, such as permit quotas and your own experience are not determined with the online evaluation. Remember you cannot apply for a work visa without a vocation set up and a salary offer that meets a basic necessity. Therefore, applying for your Singapore work visa is one of the last steps you will take.

2. Choose a thriving industry

While Singapore is host to numerous business sectors, a few industries are more grounded than others. Historically, Singapore has been an inviting home to finance experts, particularly those in audit and securities.

While the financial job market is as solid as ever, new industries are rising rapidly in the Southern Asian city. Occupations for IT laborers, digital marketers, and compliance specialists are flooding. The demand in the fields of tech and e-commerce is likewise high. There are some examples of such jobs as UI and UX designers, hospitality, service, tourism, and computer science. Other predominant jobs in Singapore incorporate talent management and HR leadership.

3. Understand common employment practices

Before committing to work in Singapore, it is a smart idea to survey whether the most widely recognized employment practices are a solid match for your way of life.

Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower has data about pay rates, expertise training, leaves of absence, holidays, hours, contracts, and many others. Therefore, it has an extensive rundown of business assets to enable you to get a comprehension of what working in Singapore will really resemble.

4. Search Online

A standout amongst the best places to search for open positions in Singapore is on the web. The following sites have a huge number of web assets accessible to help in your inquiry. Therefore, they are the absolute greatest and most utilized by Singapore job searchers.

  • Best Jobs incorporates a tremendous file of occupation posts from numerous industries
  • Monster contains postings over each market in Singapore
  • Jobs.com.sg utilizes a single search to help discover postings on numerous sites
  • eFinancialCareers has employment opportunities in Singapore’s greatest market – finance
  • Jobs Central incorporates an immense number of postings in a ton of enterprises
  • Job Street where you can make an individual profile and host your CV so businesses can discover you.

5. Meet with an employment agency

Indeed, even with most openings on the web, there are a lot of advantages to working with a recruitment agency for your pursuit of employment in Singapore. A recruiter will enable you to take a shot at your CV, cover letter, and interview arrangements. They will give you a superior comprehension of your industry and potential boss. They will also provide you with tips about the organization’s history and culture.

It is essential to do your own search and pick the organization that is the best fit for your industry and abilities. And the following, which have been all around looked into as trusted agencies in the city, may help.

  • 3C Synergy for employment in construction, oil, and gas
  • Aegis for employment crosswise over industries
  • American Association Career Resource Center has practical experience in helping expats secure positions
  • Career Hub Consultants for employment in finance, tech, designing, science, and hospitality, among others
  • Spencer Stuart places competitors in employment over a scope of enterprises

6. Meet people

Networking is significant when searching for occupations anyplace and is no less important in Singapore. Some incredible group to meet with if you get an opportunity to visit the city amid your pursuit of employment include:

  • Startup Grind Singapore to engage with the city’s energetic startup network
  • The Hub for networking events and incredible tips and articles
  • TiE Singapore to meet hopeful business people and mentors
  • Any of the numerous business and expert get-togethers recorded on Meetup

If you cannot get to Singapore, it is still a smart idea to network. You can contact different experts on LinkedIn, either through their blogs or on twitter. Then you can yield incredible outcomes in landing position leads and acquaintances with organizations in Singapore.

7. Apply for your work visa

Finding a job offer is a gigantic achievement, but does not speak to the last step in the hiring procedure. Next, you will have to apply for a Singapore work visa.

Fortunately, Singapore is a multicultural city that is home to numerous expats and is normally inviting of outsiders looking for visas. To acquire one, you will need a job offer, to pay an enrollment charge and to present your application. You can apply for your visa online and have it ready in only seven days.

Before you apply, it is imperative to realize what sort of visa you are qualified for. The regular visa types are as per the following:

  • Employment Pass for experts earning a minimum 3,300 Singapore Dollar (SGD)
  • EntrePass for businesspeople hoping to begin their business in Singapore
  • Personalized Employment Pass just given to high workers previously holding a business pass, however offering enormous adaptability in business terms and qualified enterprises
  • S Pass the most widely recognized visa type for average outside laborers. It is given to mid-level experts gaining at any rate 2,200 SGD every month, and who have passed the essential appraisal

8. Get ready to move

When your visas and currency exchange are all together, you are ready to move to Singapore! Singapore is considered a multicultural center point that invests wholeheartedly in its protected and well-disposed condition. Therefore, adjusting to life in Singapore can demonstrate a lot simpler than doing as such in other Asian urban areas. Most of the general population communicate in English and there are a lot of accessible (and magnificent) cooking styles. Finding housing is not the crunch that it very well may be in different business center points like New York and London. For tips and data about living in Singapore, look at Living In Singapore’s fantastic compiled list of expat online journals.

Good luck!

Reference: transferwise.com


5 Hardly-known Hacks to Find a Job in Singapore

1. Make Use of Cold Emails

It may not seem like the natural aspect to do. Yet cold emailing will absolutely yield some beneficial results, especially in case you know a way to frame your email and pitch for the job search.

2. Keep up with Email Updates

This may sound like a hassle, but it’s one of the more profitable hacks for locating a job in Singapore. Email updates can be tweaked to show you jobs best-suited in your skillset. JobStreet, for example, has the process alert gadget LiNa that frequently sends you email updates with new task postings weekly!

3. Be First in Line with a Kickass Application

Getting email updates first way being able to send inside the first few packages those employers seek!

4. Tailor Your CV

In line with being sincere, you should also offer up a CV that doesn’t take too much of an employers’ time. Eliminate past job experiences that don’t fall in line with your industry or skillset.

5. Network for Open Positions

Reaching out to a network of experts on a platform like LinkedIn can also tip the job search scales in your favor!

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