January 24, 2022

How to get an internship in Singapore – Meticulous guideline

Singapore, a country associated with modernity and prosperity, has attracted a large number of students from many countries. However, many students in Singapore and some in other countries wonder a question “how to get an internship in Singapore?”

How to get an internship in Singapore

Most of the students studying in Singapore want to find a job opportunity in this lion island nation. But not everyone can find that opportunity. Firstly, you need to master professional knowledge and have a thorough understanding of the field of study. Singapore is a country where qualifications are very important. Thus, during studying, you should strive to achieve a good academic result. Secondly, you need to have high English proficiency and fluency in communication. Besides, you need practical experience in the field that you want to work in Singapore. Finally, you need to prepare an impressive CV for the interview.

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How to find an internship in Singapore?

Amid the increasingly developed information technology, the most effective job search tool is on internet. There are many internship portals, but it is difficult for students to choose a good one. We can refer to the following internship portal:

  • InternSg

Since 2014, InternSg welcomes students, graduates, and corporations all over the world to join in its Internship Placement Program using its job listing portal, at no cost. With an extensive network of companies, including those on the Fortune 500 list, and job searchers with varied knowledge and skills, InternSg expects that both employers and candidates will benefit greatly from the usage of the portal. The site has been helping thousands of students successfully found their internship in Singapore.

  • Glints

Glints is building the #1 tech-enabled recruitment platform in Southeast Asia. Every day, the portal is helping organizations build great teams and pairing talent up with great opportunities, 1 match at a time.

  • JobsDB

JobsDB Singapore is a search engine for jobs throughout Singapore. Unlike traditional job boards, users can search through thousands of career opportunities and internships in Singapore, all sourced from many job sites from around the Island. JobsDB understands that finding a job can be quite frustrating. Thus, they aim to make the website as simple and as intuitive as possible.

  • Jobstreet

Jobstreet is one of Asia’s leading online employment marketplaces. It helps facilitate the matching and communication of job opportunities between job seekers and employers, in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Many applicants have successfully found internship in Singapore in Jobstreet.

Note: When using job-hunting websites: some information may be fake and deceptive. Hence, you should learn the sites’ rules and consider the review of other members or find out information about employers before applying to avoid deception. Most job search websites in Singapore have a clear and easy-to-use interface. Therefore, you can quickly find jobs that match your abilities and interests. On the other hand, these websites have a large network of members and partners around the world, not only in Singapore, so your job opportunities will be much wider. You can also put your own information, experience, and capabilities on these sites so that employers can find you.


This is also a reliable source of information that you should not ignore. You can consult newspapers like The Strait Times or The Business Times to find an internship.

Why is Singapore an ideal place to get an internship?

Singapore is known as a country with a miraculously developed economy and Asia’s leading financial and trade center. Because of its favorable geographical position, the country has attracted investment from many reputable companies and corporations all around the world. Although global FDI inflows are on a downward trend, Singapore was still in the top five countries and territories that attracted the most FDI in the world in 2016, with $50 billion, behind the United Kingdom, the United States, China, and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Therefore, Singapore, the dragon of Asia, is an ideal place for you to develop your career.

Average income level of a newly-graduated student

According to Singapore business review, the average salary of newly-graduated students in Singapore ranges from SGD2,853 to SGD2,939 per month. The salary in Singapore is much dependent on academic achievement and work capacity.

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