November 29, 2022
Internship at Google Singapore

Internship at Google Singapore – Prepare for 2020 recruitment

Are you going to graduate the next year 2020 and you are wondering where should you apply for an internship after graduation? Great question! This article is for you. You can apply for an internship at Google Singapore in 2020 and the internship will take place on Sumer 2021. So why don’t prepare now?

Sad news for fresh grads who wish to apply for an internship at Google Singapore in 2019 is that the window is closed. There is no internship position available at Google Singapore now. If you still wish to do an internship at Google, read this article and get ready.

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There are three types of internships at Google Singapore

Google’s software engineering internship

By the end of October 2020 is the deadline to apply for internship Google’s software engineering internship which will take place in summer 2021. At Google Singapore, you will work for 14 weeks from May to September. Along with undergrads, Google also takes students from masters or Ph.D. courses.

To be qualified, you need to be studying computer science or relevant technical field. Besides, you will need coding skills in C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python or another relating programming language, and experience with data structures, algorithms, and software design, according to Google’s employment site.

Along with technical skills, you will need a passion and enthusiasm for coding. You can showcase yourself-made projects in technology or activities relevant to computer science.

Your job scale will depend on project area in which you are committed. However, in general, you may be involved in project related to distributed and parallel systems, information retrieval, mobile development, natural language processing, networking, machine learning, large software systems, and/or security software.

Student Training in Engineering Program (STEP)

Besides Google’s software engineering, you can also submit applications for its Student Training in Engineering Program (STEP) in Singapore by the end of October 2020. Google takes second-year undergrad students in the major of computer science or a relevant subject for this internship, which lasts for 12 weeks. Applicants need to have Programming experience in one or more of these languages (C, C++, Java, JavaScript or Python).

Google’s employment site sets out some sections of the program, including a Software project (you will become a member of a Google team comprising of official staff and other STEP interns); Skills-based training (you will learn new program languages); Professional Development (you will attend events such as interview workshops and technical talks by senior Google executives/staff); Mentorship (you will receive guidelines from a Google engineer during the internship); and Connect (Build personal networks and friendships with a diverse group of students who share your passion for technology).

Business internship program

Thirdly, you can apply for Google’s business internship program in Singapore until November 23, 2020. Applicants for this program, which lasts for 10-12 weeks, can from any academic background. To be qualified, you must now be a penultimate-year student of a bachelor’s degree or are joining a master’s degree.

However, there are a few common strings that will make strides your chances to get a business internship at Google Singapore. Along with showing your passion for the tech giant’s business and technology, it can be a plus if you can apply analytical and interpersonal skills to strategic projects. During the interview, you can be queried about your skills in project management, organization, as well as idea innovation and implementation. It can also be advantageous if you know at least one more Southeast Asian language.

You can always come to this site for available internship position in Singapore

Tips to write a resume for internship at Google Singapore 2020


* Format

+ Make sure the format is simple and consistent in design, font, sizing, and spacing throughout. Thus, the person reviewing your resume can easily scan and find information quickly.

+ Black or dark ink is safe bet but if you use other colors, make sure it is readable

+ PDF formatting is preferred


+ Include your information and email at the top

+ You don’t have to include objective statements, but if you do, make sure it is relevant to the job you have applied for.

+ You don’t need to include references

* Length

+ Keep your resume to one page for business and internship roles and no longer than two pages for engineering and technical roles.

+ Really focus on including what is relevant for the specific role that you are applying for.

+ Use bullet points with consistent formatting and structure throughout the resume rather than long paragraphs.

+ Most importantly, always check for typos!

Additional tips for technical and engineering candidates

* List your programming languages at the top

* It is also critical that you list your GitHub profile or other prominent open source work. That shows that you are contributing to the open source community, passionate about the work you are doing, and looking to improve your skills.

Guideline to writing a resume for internship at Google Singapore in each section

For student and fresh grads, education always should be listed at the top of resume, flowing is experience which should take up the bulk of your resume. If you have multiple distinct categories of experience, consider creating subsections for each. Google recommends candidates to include leadership and awards part in your resume. You can use an optional final section to tell Google a little bit about yourself.


+ Include all post-secondary institutions you have attended, and all degrees and majors

+ Be sure your most recent education is listed first

+ If you have graduated, be sure to include your actual graduation date in the month-year format (for example: May 2016)

+ If you are current student, include your anticipated graduation date and your cumulative grade point average. However, you don’t have to be scared of this. Although grade is a factor, Google looks at the whole package and understand that every school and student is different.


+ List everything in reverse chronological order with your most recent experience first

+ Include your employer, position, and date employed for all jobs and internships for month-year format.

+ Bullet point descriptions should be concise and clear

+ Streamline bullet points that spill over onto the next line by only 1-2 words

+ For each bullet, use action words like created, designed, debugged, negotiated, developed, managed, etc.

+ It is important to focus on the results and impact of your work, so list metrics and examples concisely rather than writing long descriptions.

+ Use data and comparisons or averages to provide context.

+ If you are applying for technical or engineering roles, be sure to include the programming language you used in bold for each project you include.


+ Experience is next on the list, and it can come in many different forms beyond jobs and internships. Thus, if you are a student, be sure to include the impact from things like academic research, teaching or tutoring experience, personal projects, and student group and class projects.

+ If you are applying for technical or engineering roles, be sure to include any experience with open source, mobile app or web development, hackathons, and coding competitions.

+ Think through all of your relevant experience for the role and then use these tips to showcase them on your resume.

+ A big tip here is to read the job description and look at the language it uses. Writing a resume for a specific job description takes a little bit of effort, but it can really help your application stand out. You can even bold and italicize keywords related to the job description to highlight your relevant skills and experience.


To ensure you focus on results and impact, you are recommended to use this helpful framework- {Accomplish [X] as measured by [Y] by doing [Z]}

For example:

– {Increase server query response time[X]} {by 15%[Y]} {by restructuring API[Z]}

– Grew revenue from 15 small and medium business clients by 10% quarter over quarter by mapping new software features as solutions to their business goals

Leadership and awards

+ You also should use {Accomplish [X] as measured by [Y] by doing [Z]} framework in this section

For example:

Selected as one of 230 participants nationwide for an 18-month professional development program for high-achieving Black and Latinx talent in tech based on leadership potential and academic success.

Optional final section

Here you can include any relevant leadership positions, awards, university honors, scholarships, or other types of recognition.

+ Also use {Accomplish [X] as measured by [Y] by doing [Z]} framework in this section

+ You can also link relevant publications, papers, patents, and conference presentations

Those are a few ideas, but feel free to add any other meaningful extracurricular activities or experiences you might have in this section as well

Thank you for reading till the end of ” Internship at Google Singapore – Preparing for 2020 Application”


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