November 29, 2022
Technology Taking over Jobs Human Used to Do

Technology Taking over Jobs of Hum – Be prepared

What might occur if people lost half of the considerable number of occupations on the planet to robots? I mean what happened when is technology taking over jobs?  Initially showed up on Quora: the spot to pick up and share information. This enables individuals to gain from others and better comprehend the world.

Answer by Glenn Luk, Invests in innovation and development-oriented organizations, on Quora:

What if people lost 90% of all positions on the planet to robots, Technology taking over jobs

We would be where we are today:

  • One hundred years back, most individuals on the planet took a shot at homesteads. The development and multiplication of innovation have made it conceivable with the goal that a little minority of farmers can give nourishment to all.
  • A little more than one hundred years back, there were a large number of careers identified with the principle method of nearby transportation of the day: the horse-drawn carriage. Those occupations building carriages, producing surrey whips, raising horses and gathering up their waste off the city lanes. Once more, advancement and innovation have everything except killed those occupations, and here we are.
  • Seventy years ago, a little over 3% of the US workforce was utilized by the railroad business moving cargo and travelers around the nation. Today, just 0.1% of the workforce is engaged with the railroad business, yet it moves about multiple times the measure of cargo around the nation.
  • As portrayed in the film Hidden Figures, NASA used to utilize human computers to ascertain flight directions that got our spaceships into the sky. Today the total figuring intensity of human registering from that period is overshadowed by the gadget sitting in your pocket.
  • These are only a couple of instances of how employment and the idea of work have changed throughout the years. They pushed forward by unshackling humankind’s aggregate resourcefulness to take care of issues. In my view, robots (and man-made reasoning) are just another part in humankind’s progressing drive towards more noteworthy productivity and innovation.


Managing interruption (better this time around)

Nonetheless, before we as a whole lock arm together for a gigantic Global Group Hug and grasp this Utopian fate of boundless bounty. We should be ultra-mindful about how problematic change brought about by new innovation can be the main driver of worldwide clashes.

I recall a period not so long ago. At that time, Globalization was lauded by the majority, workers were welcome. New innovations and creations were surprising the world and the economy was making everybody well off.

I am discussing the mid-90s. The 1890s, that is. Throughout the following 50 years, the world experienced what is apparently the most damaging period it had ever seen. Quick changes in innovation at last prompted monstrous changes in the public arena. Everything from governmental issues (end of the Colonial period to rising Nationalism), correspondences (the phone), to culture (the ascent of car culture), urban planning (the development of modern suburbs), to contracting family unit measure.


Fast innovation change is problematic and we should be set up for the changes. Central inquiries should be replied:

What ought to try and be viewed as equitable?

How would you manage the challenge of evenhanded riches circulation?

What if robot innovation is gathered into the hands of the very few?

What changes should be made in our current political framework to adjust to this new world?

How does the idea of Westphalian power work when fringes are never again characterized just in physical terms?

What if mechanical change happens much quicker than we can foresee today?

And so on.



I remain a positive thinker. Therefore, I do some of the time stress that humankind is not yet satisfactorily arranged to address these inquiries. Or then again that it will take dangerous changes to at last get to the following phase of human improvement. Especially stressing in the Atomic era. I think for as much time and exertion as our stunning entrepreneurs put into attempting to develop and drive human efficiency forward. We additionally now need to spend time making sense of how society needs to advance – in as non-troublesome and human-concentrated route as could be expected under the circumstances – to suit new technologies.

We have made enormous wealth, enough to circumvent many occasions over. And now we have to figure out how to share this bounty in a reasonable and fairway. This likewise makes the correct impetuses for wealth makers to keep pushing forward into the frontier.


Is Your Job on the Hit List?

Jobs Already Suffering

  • Factory workers
  • Telemarketers
  • Bank tellers
  • Inventory & warehouse workers

Jobs at Risk

  • Cashiers
  • Loan officers/Insurance reps/Accountants
  • Drivers
  • Food services workers
  • Journalists
  • Security guards
  • Delivery personnel/Postal workers
  • Paralegals/Financial Analysts/Clerks
  • Soldiers

Jobs That Are Safe for Now

  • Social Workers/Therapists
  • Doctors/Dentists
  • Pilots
  • Police officers
  • Teachers
  • Robotic engineers
  • Software engineers
  • Clergies

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