October 18, 2021

10 Weirdest Jobs in the World – Number 4 will shock you

Feeling somewhat exhausted with your job and need a change? So maybe you need to take a look at these occupations to love your job more or hate it more. Anyway, these careers below are the craziest and weirdest jobs in the world you have ever seen. It’s quite exciting to know these jobs are existing!

They are most likely not to everybody’s taste, believe it or not, these are in reality genuine careers done by real individuals.

Here are the best 10 weirdest jobs in the world:

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10) Professional sleeper

A hotel in Finland employed an individual from staff as a “professional sleeper’ to test the solace of their beds. The individual dozes in an alternate one of the hotel beds every night. He/she then writes a review about his/her fulfillment with each of them.

9) Drying paint watcher

No, this is not a joke. Somebody really gains a living watching paint dry. A man in the UK now has the job. He goes through his days painting sheets of cardboard to test how long new paint blends take to dry. He also looks for changes in color and texture.

8) Full-time Netflix viewer

Envision being paid to sit in front of the TV throughout the day! Well for one fortunate worker this fantasy has moved toward becoming reality. Netflix has contracted somebody to observe the majority of its content before it is accessible to the general population. And their job is to review and dole out each program its right tag. This helps us watchers find precisely the thing we are after, regardless of whether it is a romantic crime film based on great writing or clever talking-animal TV show.

7) Train Pusher

If you think the London Underground is awful, you should see the trains in Japan. ‘Oshiyas’ are procured to help pack as many people onto a train as could be expected by driving them from the outside until the entryways will close.

6) Professional Mourner

It is a custom in South East Asia that an uproarious burial service will help the dead as they travel to the afterlife. So professional mourners are contracted to cry and sob noisily all through the service.

5) Snake Milker

Not for the happy. The job of a snake milker is to gather the venom of toxic snakes in containers for use in serums venoms and other medicine. Thank god somebody’s daring enough!

4) Dog food taster

The dog food taster’s main responsibility is to taste new dog food products, including bones, tinned meat, and biscuits. They do this to test for flavor and texture in contrast with opponent dog food brands and human food. Gee… tasty?

3) Odor Judge

So as to test the viability of new products, ‘odor judges’ are hired to smell volunteers’ breath, feet and armpits. They ensure their judgment is precise, the individuals from staff have their feeling of smell tried month to month. We should hope those items are working, for the good of the judges!

2) Marmite Taster

They said you love it or hate it and on account of St John Skelton, he truly takes his thankfulness for it to another level. As a major aspect of a group of marmite testers, he is in charge of checking each clump of Marmite is the right texture, consistency, and flavor. In the 30 years, he has been working there, he has eaten around 3,000 jars of the stuff!

1) Scuba Diving Pizza Delivery Man

If the way that there is an underwater hotel in Florida is not unusual enough, to add on to that, they have a scuba diving pizza delivery man who supplies them with pizza via bringing them through the ocean in a watertight case. What service.

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11) Line Stander

There is a good solution if you don’t like queuing. Only hire a professional line stander, a guy who is going to queue at a fee for you. You may need to line up for 19 hours to get a new product or sample sales item. This is a difficult and dull work which can be well paid for.

12) Armpit Sniffer

Armpit sniffers work to ensure product consistency for the deodorant manufacturers. What happens to a quality check? Sniffers spend their days in a hot room or outside, sniffing up to 60 armpits an hour on occasion. Their aim is to ascertain how powerful the deodorant is. They write papers and are making the environment smell better.

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