October 14, 2021

Top 11 Digital Marketing Jobs and Its Average Salary in 2019

As we spend more time on screens, digital marketing jobs, which use “digital strategies and channels” to interface with potential clients, become popular.

As we spend increasingly more time interacting with screens, marketers have responded by moving from conventional methods for marketing to online resources. This move has made digital marketing, which is the utilization of “digital strategies and channels” to interface with potential clients on the web. Inside digital marketing, there are various subsections, including content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. 

Industry experts with aptitudes in digital marketing are popular. A survey directed by LinkedIn announced a lack of 230,000 individuals with marketing skills in the 20 biggest metro zones surveyed. Not exclusively are there a lot of employments for digital marketers, yet the work likewise benefits the individuals who do it. As indicated by a rundown incorporated by Glassdoor, which depends on employee feedback, six of the main 25 best occupations for a work-life parity were digital marketing vocations. This is significant because it is the majority of any field other than information technology professions. 

There are 11 top digital marketing jobs and its average salary

1. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital project managers play a crucial role in regulating and actualizing digital campaigns. They are answerable for spreading out a project, making a course of events, setting milestones, and overseeing spending plans among different assignments. Digital project managers need to have a great association, correspondence, and community-oriented skills. 

The digital marketing coordinator pay in the United States begins at $42,576. 

2. Content Strategist 

Content marketing includes the making of content that enables us to raise brand awareness, increment traffic, or create leads or clients. This content can come in numerous structures, including articles, digital books, infographics, or blog entries. This content is then promoted regularly by means of social media or email. It is intended to give a brand a “voice.” Content marketing materials are intended to pass on a brand’s expertise or comprehension and make the pursuer need to connect with it. 

The annual salary for content strategists, as one of the most popular digital marketing jobs, is $62,296, as indicated by Payscale. 

3. Digital Content Writer 

Content writers are among the most popular digital marketing jobs. They make written content intended to draw in the pursuer and support action. They frequently shuffle numerous projects one after another. Their work is dependent upon altering both by their group and conceivably their customer. They have to examine the content, the customer and the clients you are attempting to influence. A few tones suit certain customers better than other people. Content writers must be adaptable. They may write on numerous various subjects. And they might compose for various sorts of content for an assortment of media. 

According to Payscale, a content writer earns an average salary of $46,603 per year. 

4. Digital Marketing Analyst 

Marketing analysts are data researchers who perused and translated computerized data to enable a business to settle on great marketing decisions. Marketing analysts direct data analysis on everything from a business’ marketing plan to the business itself and industry slants. This enables the group to use sound judgment about their marketing. Marketing analysts help organizations comprehend their clients, the market, their competition, and current price structures. 

The yearly pay for a digital marketing analyst is $50,440, as indicated by Payscale. 

5. Email Marketer 

Email marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing jobs. It has substituted regular postal mail for some organizations. Organizations can email clients to promote content, offer discounts, report sales, and advance occasions. Bulletins, similar to we used to get in the post box, are mainstream content for marketing emails. These emails should energize activity in clients: share the pamphlet, visit the site, request an item, visit the business, and others. 

6. Paid Search Analyst 

Paid search is the point at which a business purchases the opportunity to rank high on search engine results pages dependent on keywords. The business pays a pre-decided measure of cash whenever a potential client taps on the link to its site. The more famous the keywords, the more cash an organization needs to offer for those snaps. 

Paid search analysts oversee and create pay-per-click (PPC) procedures for their organization. PPC is the point at which an organization has set an advertisement on a web search tool, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. And it pays that search engine money whenever somebody clicks on the ad. 

Payscale has revealed that paid search analysts normal $48,121 per year. 

7. Search Engine Optimization Analyst 

In straightforward terms, search engine optimization (SEO) analysts guarantee that a site is confirmed for the best keywords and expressions that will appear in search engines. Consistently, individuals make generally 3.5 billion searches on Google, which implies that where an organization shows up on a search result rundown matters. That is the thing that makes SEO analysts so significant. They set up together a strategy to guarantee that sites or content position higher on search engines. This guarantees that progressively potential buyers see it and click on links, both from the search engine and even inside the site itself on to different pages, similar to an online shop. 

An SEO analyst position is technical- and data-driven. And it requires particular training on tracking, assessing, and improving the performance of online content. They likewise look into catchphrases to perceive what the potential clients are scanning for. And after that, they consolidate those keywords into the marketing strategy. New apparatuses and practices change or update much of the time. So these experts must stay up with the latest on industry news and patterns. 

As per Payscale, the normal pay for an SEO analyst is $48,891, excluding conceivable bonuses and benefit-sharing. SEO analysts are likewise called SEO auditors or Site inspectors. 

8. Social Media Specialist 

A social media specialist must have a profound knowledge of various social media platforms, keeping awake-to-date on the most recent patterns, and use marketing strategies to raise awareness of their organization’s products or services. They interact and speak with the public through online platforms that enable clients to share content, for example, pictures, content, or video. This helps the brand by being connecting with clients. Engagement techniques can incorporate hashtag crusades, and having followers make client-created content that organizations can use to promote their own products. 

Specialists are at their best when they are “motivating others to publish content” about their organization, as indicated by Anna Kassoway, chief marketing officer at Crowdtap, an organization that associates customers to brands through word of mouth. 

As indicated by the U.S. Authority of Labor and Statistics (BLS), the middle salary for a social media specialist is $56,770. Because of social media’s regularly expanding prominence, there is a strong interest in workers with social media experience, great relational abilities, and the capacity to think and react quickly. 

9. UX Designer 

Design for the User Experience (UX) is the procedure, including designing items that “give important and applicable experiences” to buyers. UX designers think about shoppers when designing sites, versatile applications. Or may be other digital media to guarantee purchasers make the most of their time and need to return what’s to come. 

In a small organization, a sole UX designer may do all the UX work. However, in large organizations with numerous UX designers, there might be groups that work on a project together. All things considered, designing the item would be separated between colleagues. The procedure may include numerous tasks, such as setting up a wireframe for a site, testing the item on potential clients and getting feedback, or assessing the performance of an item as of now available to discover how to make changes to the following emphasis. 

The normal pay for a UX designer, as per Payscale, is $72,821. 

10. Internet of Things Marketing Specialist 

Individuals use tablets, cell phones, smartwatches, and different gadgets for different online activities. IoT marketing specialists utilize the information gathered from these devices to make crusades that work for individuals who utilize the gadgets. 

11. Bot Developer 

The utilization of virtual assistants and AI is a mainstream type of client assistance. Bot developers and AI experts know how to make and program these chatbots to upgrade the client experience and urge clients to finish a sale. Many significant marketing companies are beginning to utilize bots to help their organizations.

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