January 29, 2022

Why Should You Be Hired For This Internship? – Interview Question

Showing up for an interview for the absolute first time? Ensure that you plan well ahead of time. Reconsider all conceivable interview questions and answers immediately. As a fresher, one inquiry you may face is “why should you be hired for this internship?”, worry no more as we have this inquiry covered for you. Peruse on and get ready well with the most ideal responses to this unavoidable question.

One inquiry which is dependable on the list of interviewers is this – “why should you be hired for this internship?” As simple as it appears, responding to this inquiry may seem precarious. As a rule, the decision making power lies with the interviewer. A smart response to this inquiry can either get you your first internship/occupation or leave you with practically nothing. Therefore, it is significant that you focus on how to respond to this inquiry adroitly.


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10 samples to answer for “why should you be hired for this internship?”

Possible answer #1

As of now, I am going to complete my last semester/year at school. Over the span of these couple of years during graduation/postgraduation, we have been shown plenty of things. However, the viable utilization of my insight will enable me to realize what amount have I really learned. Joining your firm will check where I stand. No preferred open door over this can come to my direction. I can grandstand my ability and demonstrate my skills here. Besides, I can figure out how this industry functions in and out. That is the reason why you may hire me for this internship.

Possible answer #2

Since I am a fresher, I am as yet learning. In any case, I can vouch for the way that I am a fast learner. I am constantly open to learn and unlearn in the meantime. Unlearning as in relinquishing obsolete practices and thoughts and proceeding onward to further developed methods. I have some new and raw ideas that I might want to talk about with the management here if I make through and I am certain they will like a couple of them. Hiring me can be a commonly beneficial arrangement for this organization and me. I do not perceive any reason why I cannot be hired for this internship.

Possible answer #3

I would need to gain proficiency with every one of the subtleties of the business during my tenure here if at all I get hired. I have dependably been in wonderment of the CEO and this is really my fantasy organization. You all are into corporate social obligation and are effectively included with a couple of NGOs I accept. I saw this on your official website. This is the place we strike a similar harmony, as I am a social laborer and an active volunteer with a few NGOs. In this way, you may hire me as you can get the best out of me while I get the opportunity to gain the best from your organization as well.

Possible answer #4

Truly, joining this regarded organization will help me learn a lot. I would love to look for the direction of experienced and learned groups that are already on board. That way, I can improve as an expert later on. Yours is an eminent brand and being a piece of this colossal venture will fortify my base as well. That is the thing that issues toward the day’s end, a solid establishment. What’s more, I feel your organization can undoubtedly help me build one. Thus, I can guarantee you most extreme devotion from my side and all that I can do at my level for the improvement of this organization.

Possible answer #5

I am a patient learner and have an average getting a handle on power. I can learn things rapidly and can be gainful in the meantime. Furthermore, I can likewise be of extraordinary assistance with regards to ideating and showing creativity. My graduation had a paper wherein we needed to complete an undertaking work concerning your industry. Thus, whatever I picked up during my industrial visits and past internships, are all in a state of harmony with this job role. There is no compelling reason to begin from scratch as I have fundamental information in this field already. Henceforth, by the day’s end, might want to choose me as one of the finalists.

Possible answer #6

This is for a fresher keen on ‘Human Resource’ or related jobs to answer the question “why should you be hired for this internship”. 

I have held the places of ‘campus ambassador’ and ‘placement coordinator’ during my school days. So I have a respectable involvement in carefully selecting the correct ability for a particular task. Picking the ideal individual for a specific task is a job half done. Since I have a skill for distinguishing suitable ability for some random tasks, I believe that I satisfy the fundamental prerequisite for this internship/job role. Plus, I am seeking after my part-time PGDBA in human resource management. Henceforth, I am a perfect candidate for the profile.

Possible answer #7

This is for a fresher keen on ‘Digital Marketing’ or related jobs. 

I am an eager reader and writer. I can read and analyze content and furthermore make digital content. In detail, I have made my very own blog from scratch on WordPress and I generally guarantee that it keeps awake and running. I feed it with as much fresh content as possible on a week by week premise. In recent months, I have gotten a positive and empowering reaction from my followers, particularly after I kicked off social media promotional campaigns to help my site. I have finished a few essential and halfway online accreditations relating to website creation, digital marketing, and content development. These are recorded in my resume for you to check in detail. Thus I believe that my exposure, my interests, and my experience will enable me to do equity to this position. Given the chance, I am certain that I will not let you down in any way.

Possible answer #8

This is a good answer for any job to answer the question “why should you be hired for this internship”. 

I give my 100% in anything that I am associated with, be it a coursework, project work, freelance project or an assignment as straightforward as writing a poem! I think I will be productive for this job since I got selected into a related course a week ago, on a part-time arrangement. When I am focused on an assignment, nothing can divert me. A portion of my friends states that I am a perfectionist and it bugs them a great deal, yet I cannot resist! It is a piece of my inclination. Other than this, I am honest and straightforward. At whatever point I have an issue with my task, I do not hesitate to look for assistance from somebody who thinks about it. Every one of these attributes makes me a decent candidate for this internship.

Possible answer #9

I would make your work a lot simpler. I have lots of skills that would make me emerge. Rather than representing myself, I would like to demonstrate to you my work. I might want you to offer me a chance to give my work a chance to represent myself. 

Possible answer #10

I have dependably been a creative person and can utilize this to the organization’s advantage. Our target has dependably been to achieve the products to customers. But at this point, with the rising challenge, the need is for new individuals with newer ideas. Whatever we produce already out. Thus, it is not the product, but your method for moving toward individuals which matter most with regards to marketing today. What’s more, I should be employed because I have a reasonable comprehension of the idea and have faith in the best.

These are a couple of sample answers you can use for different internships from various fields. The general answers can be utilized anyplace, regardless of what internship you apply for. Inasmuch as your idea matches with the appropriate response, proceed and afterward, it is good to go. Things being what they are, what are you hanging tight for? Draw up your socks and tighten your belts and proceed for the interview, strong and valiant!


You should not copy-and-paste exactly the answer above for yours. The answer is much more depending on your situation and the most important thing is that you shouldn’t lie to recruiters. Hence, you should take these answers as the guideline for you to answer the question “why should you be hired for this internship”. Hope all the best for you.


Some points that you should be referring to in your response

  • Always tell you your experience absolutely
  • Boost your talent and creative skills
  • You want the company you go to for an interview and worship the company in
  • If picked, tell them how you will be of value to the business in the future
  • Say a brief about your past job
  • Discuss your talents and interests, and how this internship is right for you
  • Make sure you show yourself properly and in a natural manner
  • Say your credentials in education
  • If you have won them in some category, tell us about your awards
  • Tell about the special qualities of you as opposed to others.

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